About the "Acknowledged" tag on bug report posts


So while idly broswing around i came to recall that several bugs that have been reported are still around despite a rather lengthy time having passed since the post reporting them got the “Acknowledgement” tag.

For instance, back a long while ago on the 31th of december in 2018 i made a post detailing a bug with the glaive that was “acknowledged”. But as time went and i got no answer i decided to bump the post for staff attention in later February.


However despite getting a …written? Promise of the bugfix being imminent the bug is still very much there, a nearly 6 months after the initial report, and soon 3 after the promise of a fix.

Is that “acknowledged” tag actually worth anything at all? : (

I have to say that this happened to me too, bug got acknowledged and then maybe forgotten. I readdressed it months later, was fixed soon after. Maybe one or two more tags would help, to divide the reported bugs into specific stages. Those who got into the database and have all to be looked through (the now ‘acknowledged’) a second category, something like ‘being worked on’, when someone actually gets into the code to find the problem, and/or a third one which is just a ‘resolved’, when the problem is fixed and integrated into the live build, so for e.g. a simple bug you could get into the game and just see for yourself that it is, indeed, resolved.

A lovely idea but the workload would be immeasurable. We don’t have the bandwidth to re-cover past threads/reports sadly.

Some issues are easier to fix in a hotfix and some require a lot more care and attention due to inter-dependencies and other mitigating factors. Some things do just linger for a while depending on priority.

To mark one as acknowledged means it has gone in to our bug tracker. It could be fixed quickly or might take some time. Sorry we don’t have a clean way to revisit old reports to update them.


I thought so, but thx for the quick response!

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Now that you´ve been caught in here though^^

So where is that fix that was promised? Its been 3 months since you said it was getting sent out on the next patch.

You could have written something to the effect of “sorry it didnt work properly so we´ll try to work something out during spare time between bigger cases” or such, but leaving someone hanging is just kinda mean :cry:

It’ll be addressed in our next patch.

As Hedge mentioned previously, due to a lack of resource, we’re not able to revisit individual reports and provide updates (there are exceptions to the rule, usually in Technical Support). There’s 2 of us doing our best to manage a community of countless people over multiple platforms, it’s simply not an option.


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