Ability to Adjust Height

Can we please have the option to change our height? There’s no logical reason as to why that option was left out in the character edit screen.


except the barber normally dont make you 5" taller lol

True, the barber doesn’t normally make you 5 inches taller, but it also doesn’t change the shape of your face.

If you consider he can do that, he can probably change height.


He also doesn’t change your skin pigmentation, face bone structure, eyes color and also doesn’t hire lobotomized workers to do that in non-existing universe where people fight with shovels vs forces of Hell which is the highway through Space.

I mean… come on…

I agree.

It’s ridiculous that you can’t change your height.

I get it, though: the idea behind the barber is based on a completely delusional realism. This is exactly why Benny89’s comment looks so incredibly ridiculous: When a barber can completely change your face, scars, eyes and pigmentation… height shouldn’t be such a leap of disbelief to throw in there.

So, Fatshark… just go ahead, I can assure you: nobody cares.

The Barbers do in the grim darkness of the future.

all other 40k barbers can its just our barber is a total pleb