A video compilation of Gutter Runners ignoring my projectiles while leaping at me

Hi, I’ve compiled these short clips in a hope that it might help reproduce and finally fix this bug. It doesn’t happen too often – maybe once every 10 or 20 hours of gameplay. Anyway, here it goes (WARNING: VERY LOUD): https://youtu.be/lKJHpJp-gYE

Bonus footage (Vermintide 1, 2016): https://youtu.be/ILNxc3B7oV4
Same with handgun: https://youtu.be/OLcZI1sZ_A0

This issue has been plaguing me for years. Please help :sob:


I mean, you clearly miss the projectile in a lot of thoses situations oO
The crosshair is not the projectile itself.

Actually, ATM, there’s a problem with ghost shots.
With bow, handgun and so on, even if the projectiles goes through the enemy model, it does no damage.

At which timestamps do you think I miss? You can slow down the playback on YouTube with Shift + <.

To me, only the shots at 0:16, 0:30 and maybe 0:43 look like they should be near misses, but only if the projectile is as narrow as it looks (and both Bolt and Hagbane projectiles are really fat – they can’t go through fences or grills).

There is a problem where projectile can pass through enemy heads harmlessly, which I think can only be reliably reproduced on Chaos Warriors and especially Bodvarr and the Gatekeeper in Skittergate. I’m not sure if it’s the same issue as I’m experiencing.

I have seen it on skaven mobs, SVs and everyone else.
About the handgun another problem is the fact snapshots tend to have a wide scatter radius, regardless of the cone of the dimensions of the crosshair.

In my video, my first Handgun shot was an aimed shot (I was holding RMB for quite some time before the shot), so it should have had pinpoint accuracy. The second shot was a hipfire shot so it could go outside the reticle.

Yes I see. I mean I got the same problem and with gutter runners is evident even because they have a wonky hitbox.
I got pounced through a wall. So it seems a problem with their physics

Happens to me as well at times, luckily not very often. Double shot proc on longbow, hitting a clear body shot with 2s body breakpoints, but they don’ even flinch, no less die.

On some of your videos it seems to be some kind of weird desync issue, where you release the shot right before they leap, they get hit while in the middle of it, but the hit gfx happens where they were a split second ago, when they are already on you.

Some of them are whiffs, but some of them are certainly questionable.


Thanks for acknowledging. I know these kind of issues are very hard to reproduce, and there’s a possibility that there’s no bug here at all (Gutter Runner looks bigger than he really is because of his cloak, etc.). But dying like this feels very unfair, so any changes that mitigate this problem would be very welcome.

There are some you definitely hit your target and the assassin just completely ignored it.

I’ve had this problem as well and it’s frustrating and infuriating. I feel your pain.

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