Bolts/Bullets disappearing & accuracy issues

I found this issue in the closed beta before, and while on a few of the weapons this seems to have been fixed, on a number of the Las guns this issue is continuing to persist.

It seems to not matter if I am standing still or moving, fire shot or 3/4th shot, rapid fire or single shots, It just seems about ever 15-20% of the time I am shooting, the las bolt visual goes, it clearly hits a target (sometimes ill get the headshot hit sound if it was a headshot) but the enemy will not be staggered, and do not appear to take damage (normally the zombies take just 1 shot, the guys in carapace armor take 2). In the above examples, i have had to use 3 shots to kill a zombie one time (where 2/3 bullets disappeared, did not stagger/do damage, but the visual clearly hit the target). And i have this issue constantly on large groups of enemies, where putting multiple shots into a group of 3-4 will only fall 1 enemy of the group… but 5-6 bullets have hit, which should have been more than enough to clear the group.

I have also noticed that on some of the las weapons, the weapon spread/aim is RIDICULOUSLY inconsistent. The sharpshooter will go from pin point accuracy to sometimes a bullet visual will go almost 25% to one side of the screen or the other… no where near where the cross hair is. I understand this happening if im firing from the hip & moving, but this happens even when aiming down sites & standing still… that does not seem like it is intended.

Guns with the most notibale issues:

Kantrael MG XII infantry lasgun
Kantrael MG la Infantry Lasgun
Kantrael MG IV infantry lasgun

Thank you,