A total brain burst rework idea

personally i feel that the brain burst skill should be reworked so that depending on the type of enemy you use it on, it has different peril costs and charge times. like a pox walker should take like half a second to charge on before popping at 2.5% peril with like a bonus 2.5% for the pop whereas something like a basic ranged should take like 1.5 seconds and charge to like 10% with a bonus 5% and so one. like only elites should require anything close to a charge up to like 30% with that bonus 15% for the pop and that shitty like 3 second charge time ( i dont know the specific but just what i can esitmate from having mained psyker for well over a hundred hours now.

personally i feel a change like this would just make brain burst so much more viable for using it as your main with the purgatus staff for crowd control and the surge for elite control and especially when combined with a different idea i made stupidly in the general disscusion instead of feedback about some trait change ideas mainly to wrack and ruin which than as i thought about it ballooned out to effect both kinnetic flayer and kinetic barrage, i think this change could be hella fun and interesting and make psyker just more enjoyable to play without actually giving him more strength

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shrug you get a similar effect with the amount of times you have to poptoughter enemies with the brain burst. Take the mutie sprinter. takes two to pop his skull now, when it used to take one. reapers take 2-3. the big armored boys iirc take 3.

uhhh i think you missed the point of what i was aiming for… i was totally fine with the fact that it takes a few pops for the elites like ragers and muties and sht but i was simply saying its annoying that i cant bascially for free almost insta pop basic little poxwalker shts since its a quality of life thing that would be nice if i didnt haveta swap from my BB to my sword just to deal with a poxwalker or 2 that decided to target me cause i was in the middle of bursting a ogryn or something and be able to drop the ogryn bb and pop that sh*ts skull to than go right back to popping the ogryn.

beyond that, it would make bb builds a lot more viable and fun to play cause especially if they changed wrack and ruin to work on all enemy types and gave it a flat like 20 to 25% BB speed buff with of course changes to kinetic barrage to compensate and not let ya insta brain burst EVERYTHING but i went into more detail about trait changes in a seperate post.

The game is about hybrid combat.
Having to swap weapon for different situations is kinda the point.


eh that’s what the rest of the squad is for. to blow them from a distance with gun fire. IDK maybe it’s because my psyker itself has been bolloxed lately so I haven’t really been playing it and just mainly using my veteran lately because it has so much utility for horde pacification with the grenade regen. which gives me time to pop elites without worrying AS much about the hordes.

I hope you realize that Brain Burst is still a grenade ability. You are not supposed to use it as your main.

While I can understand that taking a while to pop a poxwalker can be a pain, if you just want to keep your warp charges up, but this is also so you cannot trivialize shooters completely with an ability that scans for heads.

Psyker has issues ngl, but it’s none of what you describe.

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I think a cleaner implementation would be to change BB so that it operates more like the Staves where you can cast it at variable charge with scaling damage/peril cost. So to kill a random poxwalker or shooter you would only need a partial cast.

Now you can increase the total damage at max charge to reach one shot breakpoints for more enemies but at a higher time and peril cost and still let players cast a faster BB for lesser or damaged enemies.

In addition I would like to see positional damage, IE bonus damage if you finish your cast while mousing over your target and additional damage for a headshot.

Now you have a real mechanic with a lot more finesse and depth that players can sink a lot of time into and master the timing and aiming for a much higher skill ceiling overall and more satisfying long term gameplay.

pretty neat idea

fair but i guess im coming from the stance point of playing psyker with randos and wish i at least could have a easier time trying to kill that damn rager or ogryn fcking up our zealot since our ogryn is halfway across the battlefield away from us all letting me get my dck eatten by a horde that i only just managed to start bbing over. it would be nice if at least in smaller scale cases, if i could just pop the like 3 guys coming after me in less than a second even if a horde still would need a good group or melee or your staff.

You can kill full hp ragers with 1 BB on damnation.
You can not 1 shot any of the enemy ogryn, but when you hit them with BB, they get stunned. Bulwarks even open up for attacks from the front.

Of course, you can not always safely cast a BB, but that is completely fine.

The group should be incentivised to stick together in certain situations, and to play into each other’s strengths.
People should be punished for making bad plays. Sometimes you are not able to save them.
That is a big aspect of what difficulty is about.

Would probably be cool, but also quite imbalanced i think.