Brain Burst Idea

A friend of mine had a good idea for “Brain-Burst” that I wanted to share:

When an ally kills an enemy the Psyker is actively brain busting, just play the animation of the BB successfully going off and give the Psyker all the benefits of a successful brain burst (+dmg stack, toughness regen, etc).

That way the Psyker doesn’t feel completely screwed when their teammates kill their targets.

This idea works even better if the Pskyer does a little bit of damage-over-time during BB. That way even if the kill is stolen, at least the Psyker contributed a bit of damage to the target.

(And they didn’t just take on a bunch of “peril” for nothing. T_T)


This request keeps coming but it’s not a good idea

All you’d have to do is spam targets and when they die you get all the benefits of BB passives for practically free

Brain Burst needs damage scaling, that’s it
It needs to reliably one shot Pox Bursters, and maybe even Pox Hounds on any difficulty

In its current state it’s so bad the only reason you’d use it on Damnation is for the seldom sniper nobody else can reach


No “maybe even” about it. BB should be a oneshot against all non-boss and non-ogryn enemies. It should act as a counter to tankier enemies such as mutants while being actually useful against positioning threats such as bursters and hounds. It’s not like killing three elites within 7 or 8 seconds is something no other class can do, but only psykers leave themselves entirely exposed for that period of time when elite/special hunting. They should get a sufficient benefit for opening themselves up to that sort of risk.