Brain Burst scales horribly into late game

The class defining skill for the Psyker (A class marketed as the elite killer) is worse at killing elites than a veteran with a gun. Some problems with it:

  • Damage is too low. It should not take more than one brain burst to kill a pox hound.

  • Takes too long to charge. Capstone ability that gives you a faster charge time should not rely on using F. Just make it a passive that makes brain burst faster and cheaper.

  • Brain burst is absolutely awful at killing horde squishies. Why does it take 3-4 seconds of channeling?!!! It should be massively discounted in both charge time and peril if you’re just using it on one mook.


Yup and the thing is, at higher difficulties the game throws a horde + multiple elites/specials at you. Having to channel BB 2-4 times to kill a single one is NOT fast enough.


Brainburst would be way too strong with more damage + a passive for less charge time / less costs. Together with ultimate reset a warps you probably has an endless chain of BB´s then.

Nothing against a little buff on damage against Ogryns, but overall poeple shouldn´t forget it´s a “grenade”-ability. The spamability, endless range and even “going through fog / darkness” is what lets this ability shine. A Vet have to use its ultimate to do the job, which is faster especially with the broken weapons. But so far he lacks of a tool you can use defensive or aggressive on top like the knockback and has a cooldown on his F aswell.

Also noone said that BB should oneshot all elites on heresy / damnation. It´s still effective on gunners, trapper, sniper… it´s just not that effective on armored ones. But that´s why this game is a coop-game. You assist the group killing it, not just with damage, but also with CC, which is very welcome on Bulwarks and Co.

Killing a horde squishy is pretty much irrelevant anyway unless you want to keep your stacks up. I agree a hound should be dead with one charge, but looking at it from another perspective, it could break the purpose of hounds and make them useless since you just have to see them once and BB will go through any terrain etc… They won´t be a fear anymore then.

You’re literally just wrong. It’s completely worthless as-is. At least Veteran’s frag grenades stagger groups and kill a few trash mobs. Brain Burst is basically useless for the purpose it’s designed for, which is assassinating specials. Might as well just wait for the Veteran to kill them with a bolter round to the face.


Your “it´s a “grenade”-ability” argument is dumb af. Psykers whole kit revolves around managing peril, casting one brain burst takes nearly half of it + two seconds of psyker staring at their manicure. Psykers kit currently is underperforming at heresy+, effective attacks with staves needs charging and our only hardhitting voidstrike staff does half the dmg on hit to armored targets than one bolter shot. You can take surge staff and hold specials down for your bolter veteran to kill, or better, play bolter veteran yourself as the best CC is death. Brain burst and whole psyker kit needs a rework, as whole warp charge mechanic is thrown out of a window if you do not take a specific feat.


No i´m not, you just miss another perspective and the strength of having an ability always up and on an endless range, even in bad situations costing you or you team a lot of ressources already.

Not going to argue further with such a statement from your side.

Yeah let´s all play something which is clearly busted and needs a nerf.
If you underperform as Psyker with clearly more balanced stuff, then you might not be good enough for higher difficulties or just don´t use his full kit?!

As i´ve written above, Psyker is able to take out range-specialists even on higher difficulties. Why in gods earth should he be able to one-shot melee-elites or something with an ability that is always present and can be used pretty much endless from a safe distance?

The argument is far away from being dumb af. It´s like i said to the preposter, you´re just not able to see how versatile the ability is compared to other relying on the weapons you handle, having cooldowns or needing ressources you may or may not find.

The most guys here clearly stuck in their tunnelvision like “Can´t oneshot, it´s bad!!! Please buff everything to be a bolter, so we don´t have to play bolter!”. Seriously…

But you’re literally just wrong, though?? Anyone on here will tell you the same. Brain Burst is practically worthless above Malice, applying ~45% Perils for one charge, not even killing a softer Special in one go. That’s actually terrible, you might as well just ping it and have your Veteran kill it, then use those perils to burn an entire horde. There is zero advantage to using Brain Burst this way unless you’re clutching and are literally forced to use it.

But they literally should buff other weapons to more or less be on the level of the bolter, in terms of usefulness. The bolter is a must-bring because it kills specials with haste. In VT2, even on Cataclysm, specials could be killed quickly with nearly any ranged weapon in the game. In Darktide, Mutants take 8-10 rounds or more from even the bolter in order to take down on higher difficulties. People are bored of bringing the bolter because if you don’t bring the bolter you’re at a massive disadvantage. The bolter doesn’t need a nerf, everything else needs a buff. I’m not saying everything should kill specials in 1-2 shots, I’m saying they need to be made useful enough to consider trading them out. They’re not.


Nice to see some sense around these parts. Psyker is in a horrible state.

Looking forward to buffs so they feel as good as veterans do.


Imho, Brain Burst and the Frag Grenade (HAH!!!) of the Veteran both need some way to improve the dmg. Maybe scaled via Curio power.

The Frag grenade is a sad joke, compared to the effect of a frag grenade in other 40k Stuff. Just for reference: In the novel, “THe Emperor’s Finest”, Gunner First Class Ferik Jurgen tosses a frag grenade into a… room? Hallway? Full of Purestrains and slams the door shut.

When Commissar Ciaphas Cain and Jurgen expect the aftermath, it’s basically a heap of mangled limbs and none of them are moving.

Compare that to the game. Any trash mob right next to the grenade might die, but anything further out?

Add to that that, unlike Vermintide’s bombs, the frag grenade has a delay. This means, the horde might have run past it, or, more likely, team mates with shotguns and eviscerators have sliced it to bits. Unlike VT, the frag grenade also can’t stun bosses, iirc. At least the beast of Nurgle doesn’t really care…


No, they shouldn´t buff weapons pointlessly just to make even damnation a no-brainer. The difficulties exists to offer challenges, not to make 4 of 5 braindead and 1 easy mode. Bolter is busted and needs a nerf as some other weapons need tweaks.

I don´t care how many tunnelvision here aswell, because you don´t see how worthy a highly versatile class is. Has been a thing back in V2 already where poeple defended the brainless Wigglemancer build or still do with other broken stuff. Yes Psyker isn´t the best in anything, but it has a lot of pros compared to the other classes.
No matter what happened, Psyker can and will have an answer.

  • He might be not as fast as killing specials / elites like a weapon-scaling Vet, but he can do it at any time and is able to deal with any range-enemies Zealots and Ogryns might have issues with.

  • Also Ogryn might be the cc offtank, but Psyker can bring dozens of cc aswell to assist the group, without losing the ability to kill range-specialists like a zealot with a flamethrower would.
    On top there is an ultimate you can use aggressive for cc, defensive to protect yourself or to rescue other players. Zealot needs grenades to do it, Vet doesn´t even have such sort of defense.

  • Ever tried the forcesword aswell? While you´ve an answer on range-specialists, this is clearly the answer against melee elites melting maulers and ragers easily and having a decent waveclear.

Again, Psyker might not be the best in anything, but being the 2nd best in a bunch of things with nearly unlimited ressources is worth a lot in game like this.
It´s just like i said above, the most here rely only on broken weapons and need oneshots for everything on the highest difficulty to call it worthy. But this has nothing to do with skill nor with balancing and there is 0 reason to bring other stuff on a broken level or to change rounded and quite balanced classes because you pretty much ignore the pros of its overall kit.

Nothing against tweaks, but what some poeple want to force to make everything a no-brainer, actually relying on broken stats and feeling pro while tunnelvision across the board is ridiculous. And imagine there are a bunch of players enjoying Psyker as it is, y know?

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Stopped reading there. You wanna have a conversation, maybe stop generalizing and putting words in my mouth. Learn to express yourself properly.

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Yes Mr. “You´re literally just wrong!”.
But “You´re literally wrong though!”.

Better put the finger on your own nose, open your eyes and think about the stuff written down before using such statements in your first sentence about “a conversation”.
Damnation will be a nobrainer if everything is on bolters level. But i guess you miss the skill to see that.

I told you you were wrong, and expanded upon why. Your response was to put words in my mouth and make fun of the words I was using like a petulant child. Last reply. Bye-bye.

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Offering another perspective doesn´t mean its wrong. But that´s something that those LITERALLY internet kids from today have to learn i guess. I explained way more than you, but ok. :slight_smile:

Good bye

Making the Psyker reliant on teammates to kill hordes for them is fine, I think.
Doing subpar damage on elites is not.