A separate keybind for minimum charged melee attack?

Could we get a new keybind that uses the charged attack for melee weapons without the key having to be held? It can be unbound by default. For most weapons it makes no difference how long you hold the attack before using your charged one. And on a lot of weapons your horde clearing attack is the charged one.

NOTE that I’m not asking to remove the minimum delay before use, I’m just asking if we can have a keybind that automatically meets the time held requirement. Just like a heavy attack in most other games, notably beat em ups.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ll be using charged attacks and suddenly I’m doing overheads with my sledgehammer again because of latency or the server chugging as the screen fills with enemies, throwing off how long I need to hold it. The amount of time required to “hold” attack DOES change constantly and it’s easily tested, just whip out AutoHotKey and join a game.

Not saying that sometimes I’m not just frantically attacking and screwing up when getting swarmed, but this would be a very nice QoL fix.

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