A replacement for a scoreboard. A Commendation system

For people who played FF14, there is a system where after a dungeon, raid, ect, you can commend someone who left a positive impression on you. While these are usually just given to the healer or tank, Darktide has no such roles and in other cases its usually given to players who saved the run or are extremely good. I think this could work for Darktide. Because if people want commendations, they would have to play around the team instead of themselves. People wont care about you killing the 573th Poxwalker, they will care, and remember you saving them at the last minute, or controlling the patroling Maulers and crushers or coming in clutch when everyone is down or dead and saving the run. And have special markers or even cosmetics to show off that youre a team player.


I like this. Destiny 2 has an okay commendation system which gives simple/fun commendations at easier content but more serious/specific commendations to give at higher difficulties.

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