A question about hardware and performance

It’s not really an issue, just a thing I’d really like to know.
My rig is:
GTX 960 (4 gb)
16 gb ram (high frequency ram afaik)

To play the game at a stable 30-60 fps I have to play in 1920x1080 resolution and set most of video settings to mid-high.
2560x1440 gives godawful ~20 fps in the keep - turning other settings up/down doesnt really add anything…

Am I just “lucky” not to get the top performance on my rig, or to get it I need to jump through some extra hoops?

Also, wouldnt it be nice if we had more detailed tooltips for options in the settings - take Shadow of Mordor for example. Being a mediocre (at best) game, it’s settings was the thing I enjoyed most:
Each option has an explanation.
V2, being an outstanding game, really keeps you in the dark

I have an older set up, and I was getting 55-60FPS during hordes on high settings prior to the DLC patch. Now I get 22-29FPS during hordes xD

i7 860
GTX 1060 3GB
32GB RAM, down to 24GB now, 1 stick is not working.

The game is poorly optimized or just need big high end-pc´s to work well. If you just take the recommended settings, the game is going to kill your PC. GPU and CPU run hot quite fast.
You can change the worker threads or just use mid /high settings - buttons to get a better performance.

I tried a lot on different PC setups and just to able / disable single options won´t effect the game that much. It already uses a lot of V-RAM and CPU-usage (80-100%), no matter if you turn your shadows on or off.
It´s just the game/engine itself, which is stronger than any benchmark-tests.

If you really want to enjoy the FPS/graphics without a burning PC, you need atleast a gtx 1080 and a strong quadcore + CPU.

I have a 4770k clocked at 4.3 and two 980ti’s clocked at 1500.
3440x1440 resolution.
Settings mostly on high…one or two above that.
Typically get a fairly stable 70 FPS with dips down to 60 or so when a lot is going on.

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