A problem with melee blocking

The time it takes to switch to a melee weapon and block is too long and while I recognize that that may be the point, even in a fight in which I have had my melee weapon out the entire time, the blocking is far too sluggish. For my part, when I receive an audio warning that I’m about to get a melee hit (a genius and fun idea by the way, well done) my instinct is to dodge in one direction or the other rather than turn to face the threat simply because it is so sluggish and an utter waste of effort; it is simply not an option and so I HAVE to dodge out of the way. This is a stark difference from Vermintide 2 in which if you /refuse/ to press the block button in a swarm you WILL get hit and on higher difficulties it pays dividends to know when you can get away with a quick block or when you NEED to dodge out of the way. If the melee blocking animations were to be universally sped up, it would be a great boon to the player base.