My critic of blocking and how to improve it

something that needs changing is the animation to block. in a game where blocking is so important, the game prioritizes the 1 sec animation before going into block mode… and believe it or not but in that 1 second time frame you are about as vulnerable as walking testicles as you cant move as fast and not only that but cant do any action unless you want to reset the block animation all over again.

an argument i could see in defense of this is “but its not supposed to be instant because if it takes time its more challenging and more immersive” which would be fine… BUT you can go from blocking to instant attacking with no lag animation, not only that but skills can be activated without animations, AND not only that but you can push and instantly attack without a silly animation that leaves you vulnerable.

then about the immersion, why would your character slow down into a defense pose before the defense pose is even complete. it would make more sense to have the character slow down their movement WHEN their defense block is up not before.

basically the solution to this problem is to increase the speed at which you get into block pose or remove the animation all together because blocking is SOOO important but since blocking leaves you so vulnerable only people who know how to prepare themselves for the lag time like me and many others who have played many hours of this game will use block as we know to either get a weapon that attacks faster then light or block 2 seconds before we actually want to block.

a game i want to point out that has really good block animations is dark souls, the block is almost instant but the animation takes the same amount of time as vermintides 2 block animation. why is that… well that is because the actual blocking goes into affect BEFORE the animation is fully complete, leaving the immersing animation while still prioritizing the game play.

i guess to some it might not seem like a big deal but to anyone who wants instant results when they want something it is important. its like how in the new GTA game instead of the character doing exactly what you want them to do they have to do a full turn around animation just to do a 360. its something immersive but actively takes away from the game play.

well the problem behind this story is that you cant cancel charged attack animation to block

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if you want instant results everytime you hold block, then it seems you don’t understand how weapons work in this game.

every weapon has a window of uninterruptable attack sequence where a block cannot be activated - some weapons is almost instant, others are not. that’s part of the game, you have to time your heavy strikes so that when you commit into an attack you won’t get hit. for example the spear has extremely quick block times but the glaive does not. or a huntsman after firing his bow takes a long time to recover to switch to his melee weapon.

these delays are intentional and inbuilt into the system for a reason. i thought it was obvious


I have never seen a more pretentious way of explaining something. You truly sound like an ahol because if you actually paid attention to what i was saying you would see that I recognize that they have a system in place that intentionally lags your blocking but its useless and all it does is hinder the character as other animations no matter what weapon are instant in certain cases no matter what.

You can quite literally take your pretentious attitude and shove it right up your ahole and keep it their okay go and be an ahole to the millions of posts screaming for nerfs on ranged weapons or buffs on melee as those were also systems in the game that they have at the start of the game but changed them to make the game better and balanced. You do realize that a dev can change things for the better right? If you do then fuk off and if you dont well their you go you learned something.

But you can apparently cancle a quick attack and your arms and weapons move at the speed of light to go into another animation XD

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