A Gun has vanished from my inventory

So one of the best weapons I have (had) on my Veteran class has seemingly disappeared from my inventory. No, I didn’t barter it by accident. I had it equipped on my 5th loadout slot and upon opening the Operative UI there was a red exclamation mark over the loadout icon and my gun had been replaced with one I had equipped in a different loadout slot that I was working on beforehand.

The weapon in question that is currently missing, for reference:

I quite like this gun so I’m a little upset to say the least that it has just vanished without trace

Platform: Steam
Steam ID: RogueReaver

It looks like it was removed on the 16th, and I believe I’ve been able to restore it for you.

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I also had a gun disappear in an identical manner; I’d been upgrading one of the new Agrippana Combat Shotguns and found that it had vanished from my loadout after a mission, with a red exclamation mark.