A fair and balanced way to craft Reds

Let players craft red weapons that don’t have the glowing rune skins but the max stats and red name. This would allow those of us with terrible loot luck to actually feel we are able to progress but still give the incentive to keep playing for those sweet illusions/cosmetics.

Perhaps I have terrible luck but I’ve gotten one red in all my hundreds of hours of play. I also have nothing to craft and currently have +999 scrap.

If it costs 50 scrap to upgrade to a gold, then set the price to make a red very high but something everyone can work towards. To turn a gold into a red would cost say, 500 scrap plus a selection of dusts. It doens’t matter what the cost is, the important element of this idea is that you can, with some work get the best stats on all your loot but still have something to work for.

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Sorry, mate. Such things have been suggested half a hundred times on this forum only not counting reddit. No idea why there is still no crafting and why everyone is sitting on 999+ scrap and what is it purpose supposed to be.

I have over 2000 orange dust. I’d like to turn that into Red dust or Red weapons sooner or later. People who’ve played longer than me likely have even more.

For me the main point of reds is the awesome looks most of them have. So i think we should just be able to craft reds as they are. Or get them by completing quests. Maybe both.

no red weapon looks good imo, the blue light is really ugly

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you can just remove skins from them, and apply different ones then. Still, i really like how reds look(those that i have at least), and the option to have blue light or not is better than it’s absence.

Reds are actually dropping at a rate above 0.00001% these days. Just playing the game and having fun will actually lead to getting them now.

Yeah, like getting a 6th Bow or 20th Charm while having single red melee weapon :+1:

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