A Big List of Sound/Visual/UI/etc. Feedback

DISCLAIMER: I want to be transparent on my feedback and where it’s coming from. I worked at Fatshark on the V2 account (and very briefly on the Darktide account) from late 2021 to mid-2024. Saying that, while I understand the general tone of the forum right now, this is not the place for me to answer questions about my employer; I just want the comms team and the devs to know where the feedback comes from the context surrounding around it. I do hope that everyone in the tank knows I love their work and have played it for years, and this feedback comes from a good place and not through any malice.

So I’ve been playing pretty heavily recently (though definitely not as long as many people here, so some of this feedback may be pretty newbish) and have found a new love in this game, coming from V2. However, there’s some standout feedback that I wanted to share as a player that I hope the team can take into consideration; some new, some old-timers. I will not be addressing crafting and materials here as I want to wait until the update to feedback. (No, I don’t know what it entails as I have not worked on the account since launch and unfortunately didn’t get the time to participate in internal play tests before I left the studio.)

For easy parsing, I’ll split my feedback up into relevant sections.


You all know where I’m going to go with this. :smiley:

  • Some specials are hard to hear:
    Especially trappers. I understand they are supposed to be “difficult to track”, but I also would like you all to understand I cannot hear them at all. I could not hear them pre-launch, pre-cochlear implant, post-cochlear implant, and I still can’t hear them now. I also have no directional hearing, so cannot hear where things are coming from. Hearing is integral to 'Tide games, and in absence of hearing, there should be some other indicator for those who can’t (I don’t mean an accessibility indicator, I mean gameplay in general). There’s, of course, larger accessibility improvements to be made in this game, but that’s a post for another day I can deep dive into. :slight_smile: I’ve heard your sound designer has been working on this issue, which is great, so if they want any feedback on someone who can’t hear high pitches (like backstabs), I am at your disposal.

  • Sound mush:
    Sound in this game, especially when there’s a lot of it, really blends together into this mushy ball of sound. What’s important doesn’t seem to take precedence, and it all just blends together, which just compounds the problem in the first point.


  • Everything looks the same:
    I’ve been playing 'Tide games for seven years now, and this is the first one in the series I really could not tell you what map is what. The names don’t stick out to me, and the scenery all seems to follow the very similar 40k industrial sci fi pattern. This isn’t a dig at the level designers, I want to be clear, just that the levels aren’t distinct enough to stick out in my head. I can tell you what horn of Magnus looks like. I can tell you what Wheat and Chaff looks like, despite not playing V1 in over three years. …I cannot tell you what Maelstrom looks like off the top of my head, and even in a map, I can’t tell you what map I’m on. The names seem to lack some level of distinction as well. (More on this later, as it’s UI feedback.) On this note, it’s also hard for me to tell direction of ranged projectiles on allies and enemies as it’s all just short red lines.

  • Too much happening:
    Especially explosions. Do you like red fire? Do you like green fire? Do you like fire in general? Everything is on fire in this game and sometimes it’s overwhelming, washing everything out and obscuring other things. I cannot tell when an ally is throwing a bomb vs when an enemy is (though I can spot the blinky light a bit better).


  • Unclear talent descriptions:
    While the rework helped a lot in giving players agency on how they want to play and making different builds, the following complexity is compounded because as a player, I have no idea what the talents do. For example, “Peril” is briefly introduced in basic training, but then it’s on the user to remember what all the in-game vocabulary is. Peril, Warp, Blitz, Special…etc. etc. Sometimes it’s best to just call it what it is and/or terms players are familiar with. If it’s on G and replaces the grenade…it’s a grenade. Perhaps a different type of one, but one nonetheless (it’s called this in the keybindings too, which with no intro in the prologue, how do I know what it is?). It would really help here to do something similar to BG3 where I can go into game vocab and get a 101 on what it is at any time. I had not played since before talent rework and found the entire thing overwhelming, and rather just looked up some guides and slapped on the talent map. I can say this with Stims too; sometimes the language is unclear, both in name and symbol, whereas in V2 it’s speed/strength/concentration. Overall makes sense.

  • Cluttered UI:
    I need to disclaimer I love the UX designers and they do great work, so this feedback doesn’t come out of any malice towards them (love you guys, I miss our weekly sessions!). :slight_smile: That said, I find the UI both on the mission board and in combat really cluttered. Particularly the overcharge meter on Psyker. I have never blown myself up as much as I have in Darktide because that part of the interface does not stick out to me. Many UIs, while very clean and give the technical vibe, are a lot of reading, words, and numbers, which can make at a glance info kind of difficult. There should be other ways to absorb this info that is not just reading everything in the middle of combat. I think this clutter is also what makes it difficult for me to remember map names.


  • Cutscenes are tedious on new characters:
    They’re beautifully done, animated well, and in the first character creation are fun to watch. By my second, third, and fourth character…not so much. It’s very long, tedious, and I’ve seen it all before. Even skipping them by pressing a key feels like a timesink I don’t want to put in when I’d rather just hit the ground running and go.

  • Leveling up on new characters feels extended:
    I think this is what the community calls #breakthelocks? Not sure. In any case, starting the process over on new characters feels very painful, earning all the levels of trust again, and overall is grind that feels like a necessary evil just to have one of each class. Different strokes for different folks, but I can’t find it in myself to try and grind again past four characters.

  • Character customization seems out of place:
    I think it’s fun and I’m invested in the first one; the other ones…not so much. It’s a lot of reading and clicking for things that wind up having not too much consequence on the game, and I found myself disappointed it didn’t really extend more into an ARPG element as I expected. The customizations themselves seem a bit limited, which is fine, but facial aspects seem like caricatures of ethnicities they are supposed to be than customization options so players can be who they want to be. Also, not sure why they have such thick hair lines? I think effective character customization has some subtly to it. My opinion only, of course.


  • There’s no incentive for teams to continue playing together:
    It’s said 'Tide games are games best played with friends, and many people find friends through 'Tide games. While I understand there’s likely networking reasons why Darktide is designed socially the way it is, it feels like there’s no incentive for teams running well and geling well to hit that “merge strike team” button. The social aspects seem somewhat empty, and even the Mourningstar chat is otherwise void of much interaction (versus say, hubs like Warframe where it’s always going).

  • Why is the walk to the mission board so long?
    Why is the walk to most places so long? Are there keyboard shortcuts I’m missing out on? :slight_smile: The Mourningstar is huge, which is cool, but it feels like another time sink where I’d rather gear up and play.


This is one of the best and most comprehensive breakdowns of just one facet of this title that i’ve ever seen. Well done.

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Agree with many of these.

On the topic of UI design I love a lot of the visuals but it feels like there is a lot of wasted space that could be used for some elements that just aren’t. For the longest time the tab menu had no extra info and when updated it added sone stuff but not extras like tracking of Malk’s.

In addition with cutscenes taking to long it also feels like unmodded the end of game cutscene takes forever on top of needing an extra loading bar after. Having a slow ending cutscene when you then need to take a long time to load after just doesn’t feel great.


Several hundreds kg crushers have no sound also is a problem. In V2 you can hear CW’s are stomping with armor rumbling

For those who don’t know how it’s in V2


This is actually in reference to Crafting, in that you can only change 2 perks/blessings on an item, and the other two are permanently Locked. Coupled with RNG attributes means often you’ll invest weeks worth of play resources into trying to upgrade tons of weapons that actually aren’t an upgrade to what you already have and they all just end up as waste items, and most of the time you get a weapon with good base stats to upgrade it’ll get stuck with attributes you don’t want and can’t change, resulting in it being bricked and discarded.


Thank you for sharing your insights, especially given your background with FatShark. Your perspective adds valuable depth to the discussion. I hope your post receives attention from the developers, as it could prompt meaningful dialogue and potentially lead to improvements. It’s essential for developers to consider feedback, even if it means acknowledging areas for growth, to ensure future titles maintain the high standard set by past titles.


Ha, yes, a friend told me! I do understand and agree with that feedback, I’ve been on a boosted dev account before and seen how fast you can blow through materials. :sweat_smile: I’ll leave my statement about the locks for posterity so everyone can point and laugh. :slight_smile: Hopefully this is something they’ll fix in incoming updates!


What do you mean?

Not unless you use a mod.
No idea why it is not a default function in the game.


…maybe because, as I’ve learned, that’s not the name of the level; which might prove my point with the UI. :smiley: Example, if I play Maelstrom, I still don’t know what map I’m on. Like, I couldn’t tell you if I’m on Silo Cluster or something else.

Example, what is the name of this map? Silo Cluster? Torrent? Habzone? And even if I knew the name of it, I could not tell you what it is by sight.

Not unless you use a mod.

Yeah for sure; case is, you shouldn’t have to.


You have leveled to 30 before you got access to the auric mission board.
That should have taken you plenty of missions. Enough to know where the mission name and the modifier are displayed.


Yeah, it doesn’t translate for me, unfortunately. In V2 levels feels distinct, for Darktide, not so much. Should a player have to play to 30 to understand what the maps are? Should be a pretty on sight onboarding thing, no?

(I also had this feedback pre-launch.)


No. It should not take a player until reaching lvl 30, before they can read the mission board and understand it.
And that is my point. It usually doesn‘t.
It is not complicated, if you actually looked at the board a few times while leveling.

I have to agree with you though, that the vermintide missions seem to be easier to remember.
One reason (aside from certain differences inside the missions) might be, that they are always available and that they all have a fixed spot in the menu from which you select them, while the selection of missions in darktide (as well as their positining on the board) seems to be random.

You will learn them with time, it’s harder to distinguish maps in DT than in V1, V2 for sure. And overall having 1 biome sucks.

Nah, naming and map icons are bad. It was hard to learn which maps i see on the mission board for me too. I have an associative memory so just remember anything without some bound is hard for me. Still don’t remeber some maps names, there is smelter and “that one with the train station in the end” or “assassination with yellow and brown icon”


I kinda agree with that.
But how is that relevant to my statement that you replied to? That was not about missions or their names being forgettable, but about the perceived difficulty of reading a mission card.

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But if you can’t remember a map name in the first place you will be confused where is a map name and where is zone’s on the card, and there are those cool numbers aswell. Also they decreased exp you need to lvl up in some patch, i was helping friend to lvl up recently, it’s very fast nowdays.

Big letters at the top.
People read the top first. Big letters mean that it is important.
This is the case since difficulty 1 (where you do not have any modifiers).
I think it should be pretty clear that you can not play a modifier without a map, but you can play a map without a modifier.

Also, it says „special condition“ right below any special condition.

Sorry, but if you get to lvl 30 and think that maelstrom is the name of a map, that is not the fault of who ever designed the mission card.

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It makes the assumption everyone consumes info the same way. An easy solution would be labels, and wouldn’t detract from the technical feel (like reading a file).

Also, what happens for quick play players?


I think it’s kinda is, you have those big letters right at the map card, and you have map name at more indepth info. Like it’s kinda strange to type difficulty on the map card, when for regular difficulties you have skull with bars above. I see how it can be misleading.

Do you mean labels like „special condition“ or „primary objective“?

You do. And i am not sure how anyone would think that this mission is the only one on the board, that is located on a map with a name.


More like:
Name (of the map):

We called Habzone “Hab” internally, but that seems to be the zone name and not the map :person_shrugging: While in V2 I can load in and go “this is empire in flames” immediately, see what it’s called immediately in very segmented info sections, and if I QP into it, I can immediately tell where I am.

This feedback doesn’t just extend to auric, but to the entire mission board. And despite what it’s called, I still would not be able to tell you the name other than how weeping phrased it. “That map that kinda has this on it.”