** 90% All User Uploaded Logs is 0xc0000005 Access Violation **

I have uploaded many logs, I have filled out the info for what happened, I have a fresh install of W11 22H2, fresh Nvidia drivers, no OC, no temp issues, window anti-virus has FatShark Excluded, turned rag dolls down to 3, lowered and raised worker thread count, frame cap, all settings low, etc…

I noticed most of the logs and DMP files uploaded are all saying the same thing. Why are we getting c0000005 (Access violation) errors at random? I’ve read most replies to this issue and none address it and point people into changing things that don’t resolve it or flat out have nothing to do with a fix.

Have they even isolated what’s causing this? Do you realize most of the uploaded logs are c0000005 (Access violation)?

Can we get some clear communication on this issue and how far away a fix is?

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 0000000000000001

Parameter[1]: 0000000000000000

Attempt to write to address 0000000000000000

PROCESS_NAME: Darktide.exe

WRITE_ADDRESS: 0000000000000000

ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at 0x%p referenced memory at 0x%p. The memory could not be %s.


EXCEPTION_PARAMETER1: 0000000000000001

EXCEPTION_PARAMETER2: 0000000000000000

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: NULL_POINTER_WRITE_c0000005_Darktide.exe!Unknown

Ensure you have added the game to your anti-virus whitelisting

You can also try disabling your anti-virus entirely

Hi @exodus1337,

0xc000005 is a generic error code, however the Access Violation crashes which share this can be entirely different.

We’re aware of and investigating several varied Access Violation crashes currently. If you can please provide a crash report, or your full console log from a session one occurs we can look into it, and make sure it’s one on our radar.

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Both are from the same mission.
Both are GPU hang, however for me the stability seems to be better than in the beta.
Still the only “fix” is to limit my FPS to 60 which in my eyes is not really enjoyable since my rig can easily push 120fps without DLSS…

crash_dump-2022-11-30-20.01.37-b125ecb7-bfdf-460b-8637-5858b49d1382.dmp (726.8 KB)
console-2022-11-30-20.01.37-b125ecb7-bfdf-460b-8637-5858b49d1382.log (344.0 KB)

crash_dump-2022-11-30-20.47.56-cf6f29bd-0251-4c3c-8b53-18f7c90e80d5.dmp (973.9 KB)
console-2022-11-30-20.47.56-cf6f29bd-0251-4c3c-8b53-18f7c90e80d5.log (1.5 MB)

Not being rude @Satoru but if you read my post I have already done so. I also use Windows Security as this is strictly a gaming PC. Excluding all FatShark folders literally does nothing.

console-2022-11-30-19.35.56-1f1cfdee-9fd1-4d73-93a7-00317496d229.log (156.2 KB)
console-2022-11-30-18.44.28-d0964862-928c-445a-8e90-63a2dbb9b725.log (1.1 MB)
console-2022-11-30-18.41.29-22200fc7-7e6c-43f2-91c3-ff958f873999.log (72.9 KB)
console-2022-11-30-18.13.55-dd8676b3-c553-4cd9-916b-85fb4f021232.log (175.1 KB)
console-2022-11-30-18.02.46-e3fcc2a3-51e6-430d-9646-87ec472aa5fd.log (22.6 KB)
console-2022-11-30-00.08.22-5f13a0d5-ae91-4fee-bdf6-f0c44f610d91.log (15.9 KB)
console-2022-11-29-05.51.16-7ad9b2ee-44b9-4864-bdc8-5124d1ad16ae.log (230.1 KB)
console-2022-11-29-05.48.50-d1a5e72f-6935-4f27-8c53-1fbcd8900499.log (40.5 KB)
console-2022-11-27-04.51.21-d4e5ad26-bfcd-4d8a-a175-1f01e0d5a13f.log (93.1 KB)
console-2022-11-25-04.21.11-81dc784e-07cb-4d44-906a-3289b9f85574.log (102.1 KB)

crash_dump-2022-11-30-19.35.56-1f1cfdee-9fd1-4d73-93a7-00317496d229.dmp (1.1 MB)
crash_dump-2022-11-30-18.44.28-d0964862-928c-445a-8e90-63a2dbb9b725.dmp (969.1 KB)
crash_dump-2022-11-27-04.51.21-d4e5ad26-bfcd-4d8a-a175-1f01e0d5a13f.dmp (1.1 MB)
crash_dump-2022-11-23-23.32.35-0c873b1f-96fa-45ef-8e1c-82f5a00d7b33.dmp (1.0 MB)

Thanks @exodus1337 ! There’s a mix here, some crashes also being GPU hangs, which we’re actively working to resolve.

We’re on it!

@FatsharkLev Still crashing on 1.0.12. Installed latest cumulative update for W11 and latest Nvidia driver 527.37… Still crashing and cant complete one mission.

Crash logs are from 527.37 driver and 1.0.12 game version… This is literally worst than Cyberpunk launch guys, like come the f*** on… Create a game, make sure its stable and finished, release the game… What year are we in???

console-2022-12-01-21.28.24-4b1c569a-d4d9-4114-a15f-7a31db44e944.log (280.4 KB)
console-2022-12-01-21.11.56-b22a7047-0381-4080-bb6d-ed9580392161.log (116.2 KB)
crash_dump-2022-12-01-21.28.24-4b1c569a-d4d9-4114-a15f-7a31db44e944.dmp (1010.4 KB)
crash_dump-2022-12-01-21.11.56-b22a7047-0381-4080-bb6d-ed9580392161.dmp (952.5 KB)

@exodus1337, I share your frustration! :frowning: Both of these crashes are GPU Hangs. These are our most widely experienced crashes right now and are top priority for us.

Please bear with us whilst we get these ironed out as swiftly as we can!

Apologies for the inconvenience in the mean time.