70 urgent changes this game needs. Reasoning included

It seems that you like programming analogies. If so, and if you’re a real programmer, you should know, that refactoring others code ALWAYS takes much time, than writing it down from scratch. I did indeed summons other posts, but:

It’s the opposite. Any programmer can add a feature he’s told to add without any problem. But tweaking game balance, finding those perfect numbers is the hardest part of any game. That’s why there is so many beautiful games nowadays, that don’t make it out of early access or die on release. Paragon, Fortnite PVE, Lawbreakes - just some titles I can remember offhand.

And fixing bugs is much harder, than adding features, primarily because it’s hard to find those bugs. Gamebreaking bugs should be fixed, but

And as for balancing, well:

Can not agree more.

One more thing: VT1 had a QoL mod, made by 2 people in their spare time. This mod addressed almost all of the paragraphs in my list. And now there is a studio, that can a) hire these guys together with their mod b) write their own version of it, which should be better and faster, since they have access to the source code. But you’re trying to protect them, telling that’s hard. Sounds far-fetched.

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They said on the dev stream that they pushed the DLC back because they want fix the issues with the base game first and also release the upcoming content update.


Cool. The problem is that it means (capslock on) they’ve been wasting their main resources on DLC up to this point, not on polishing the game (capslock off.). It’s great that one and a half months later they finally decided to work on their early access-state game, and not on some profit-making content. But somehow this doesn’t make me happy. Have any idea why?


How do you know when the decision to push the DLC back was made? How do you know that they devoted their main resources to getting the DLC ready?

Unless I have missed something, we both don’t know. What I know is that they have been pushing out patches almost every week since release (most of the time followed by 1 or 2 hotfixes), which in, in my book, counts as improving the game.


As someone who’ve tested shade multiple times I will say that stealth feels random if it work or not. As of the latest patch I’ve gotten hit multiple times while in stealth just running past an enemy. It’s very unreliable at this time, even Handmaidens level 25 talent work better than stealth atm.


Thats true :smiley:
And im not just testing her, i have 40h on shade and 140+on HM, both have issues with their ultimate.
The shade has the issues i mentioned in my previous comment, plus that potential assassination targets just run away (even chaos knights),and the HMs dash can stuck on unseen geometry and little rocks, roots, etc, which can and will result in unpleasant situations…

Just jump when dashing.

Atleast it’s better than Slayer who jumps on a slope and launches into space… :confused:

but thats funny at least :smiley:

Slopes and Ladders, the biggest enemies of Bardin.

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I would like to see an end screen like in V1, where the stats are shown and the players got the option to vote for either retrying the map (when lost), playing another map or go right to the keep.


But what about quickmatch bonus?

do not forget the globadier who sees you in invisible with shade

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Yeah, I remember having the exact same problem once. Only once, because I don’t play stealth characters that much.

i’m a shade main, stealth does NOT make u immune to attacks, you have to block if you are getting attacked while activating / during stealth mode. enemies have single target attacks and aoe attacks, they won’t initiate single target attacks when u are stealthed, but you still can get hit by stormvermins and chaos warriors etc doing their big attacks on other players if u are not careful.

the stealth is actually very consistent (as of patch 1.06 at least, dunno bout the prev patches) enemies and bosses will always lose aggro and you become undetected - but you still need to block if you are activating stealth if the enemy has already started their attack on you. after that you can run thru them easy.

Thats NOT what I’m saying. Multiple times I’ve been attacked when running past enemies that are idle! And I’ve lost the count of how many times I’ve been attacked during stealth by enemies who were not enganged in combat.

its in my first comment :smiley:
at least its exploding charge attack

yea i am trying to say that i don’t experience the same thing though, not sure if what you’re experiencing is a bug

Ive noticed the same bug, sometimes I’ll have been in stealth for several seconds firing my crossbow and suddenly a slave rat will stop running and stab me. It has been pretty rare for me, maybe once every few runs or so. It seems if you bump into an enemy / they run through you then sometimes they realize you’re there. Not sure if by design?

Props to you for putting this list together, agree with the majority of it, although i understand how hard it is for this many changes to happen, at least its all together in one big group :slight_smile:

I wish there was some form of communication w/ FS where they ask the community what they want to see fixed and then poll/vote/figure out what everyone wants and then work on that (since everyone seems to have differing views on what they are up too/what their willing to change for playerbase and what is set in stone".

It is very early in the game release, and so far they have been doing a great job, so not too worried, but glad you put in the work to get it all together, so once again, props to you sir, good list :smiley:

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