2021 Retrospective Community Survey

I was surprised to see this survey option when I loaded up the game this evening. I’m curious what players think the survey options say about what changes might be coming before Darktide and what the developers have heard from the community.

To me, it clearly shows that there is a polarizing effect following the release of the last two careers, the Chaos Wastes, and what needs fixing. I’m guessing they want to get some insight to build consensus on what needs adjustments.

I’m also curious to hear what people liked and didn’t like most.

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@Aqshy already answered this on reddit.

The options were created by categorizing the data we did in the last developer stream and we needed to quantify that data. There will be more surveys with other ways to answer if this one doesn’t strike your fancy.

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Okay, I don’t use reddit. I was curious to see users here share their thoughts, particularly given all the meta gamers here.

You can probably see some of the answers here:

Anyway, I personally found it too constricting. For example, SotT: I enjoy the lore and the visual of the class, and her theoretical role in the party. I don’t like that she has an option to turn her support ultimate into yet another DPS burst. It’s ok to give her an alternative for people who don’t like the wall, but it should have been area denial/CC still (for example a radius of thorns that slow the enemies down or keep them in place, or apply a bleeding “a la incendiary bomb”).
Morover, Moonbow and javelin are OP and her current power level is bad for the game.

The survey clearly wasn’t designed around balance though.

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