2 things: Weapon customization and Pyromanser balance

  1. PLS, yes, all capitals, PLS, make it possible to apply different illusions on dual weald weapons and weapons with shields. As a person, who worked with modeling and creation of varied slotted stuff for similar models, I do belive it is not that hard to do first, second, a lot of people for sure want this.

  2. Buff Pyromanser. She needs it hard. Half of her percs and her passive imply, that she should be played ranged, but nothing makes sense, except ramping up critical overload as fast as possible and go melee spam LB, if we compare damage output. Or Iā€™m doing something very wrong and have no idea about magical tricks people use with her. But I never could make as much dmg with Pyromancer, as I made with BW or Unchained.

And yeah, just a sidenote - nerf the bloody moonbow, the thing is redicilous.

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