10 Volatile Plasma Guns in a row...Fatshark, the crafting in Darktide sucks, why do you let this drag the rest of the game down?


We need to talk about your crafting for Darktide…again. This won’t be the last time I’m sure.

I just fully upgraded 14 plasma guns from Brunt. I figured that since there’s just one pattern of PG, and I focus resources on just that one weapon, I’d get something neat after dumping a couple weeks worth of play resources into it, after having abstained from crafting anything for a couple of months out of frustration.

Welp, 11 of them received Volatile IV, 10 of them straight in a row. I already have Volatile IV learned. I’ve got it on several existing plasma guns. I’d really have liked to try something else. But no, Hadron decided that she’s only handing out Volatile Plasma guns today, and nothing else higher than Tier III. None of the 14 PG’s are an upgrade on what I was already running (which, you guessed it, already had Volatile IV). This isn’t even an abnormal experience or anywhere near the worst people have dealt with, but it’s enough to get me to sign off playing for the night and be damn sure I’m not in a mood to spend real money to buy Aquilas for outfits for my warhammer e-dolls.

Fatshark, the crafting in Darktide sucks.

You know it sucks, and you’ve done better in other games.

We know it sucks, because we’ve seen you do better.

It’s so bad it undercuts literally every other bit of content you put out for this game, detracting from the work of the rest of the development team that makes this an otherwise masterpiece of immersion in the 40k universe. It makes for a really frustrating and inconsistent reward experience. It generates constant negative feedback and reviews. It actively disincentivizes trying out new gear and grinding for things. And again, you have to know all this by now.

Why on earth do I care about new shovels for the Traitor’s Curse release when I’m still trying to grind weapons that have been in since launch? This experience is the single most common point of feedback across every avenue of engagement you’ve got (Discord, Forums, Reddit, Steam, etc). From here the crafting system looks like a abandoned implementation of Gacha-game arcade/mobile gambling mechanics, designed to generate frustration, but without the usual bypass valve of dumping huge amounts of various in-game resources or cash that such systems traditionally use as the outlet for such frustration, and so it goes into forum posts and Steam reviews instead.

Between the acquisition rate of Plasteel, the rate at which Hadron bricks items, and the RNG nature of literally every aspect of gear in this game, equipping a character is by far the least fun and most painful part of this game. Characters continue to generate XP beyond 30, but can’t put it to any use, likewise much of the Diamantene that gets found, and there’s often little to do often with millions of excess Ordo Dockets, why not let any of that be put towards crafting gear?

With all the other changes to this game over time, why are you so wedded to this system that generates constant player ill-will and negative reviews? If nothing else, given the constant stream of complaints on this issues, can you please take some time somewhere somehow to explain what value you see in the existing crafting system, why you choose not to change it, and what we as players seem to be missing?


I understand your frustration, I’ve promised myself I will not change class till I’ve unlocked all blessings accessible to the class I’ve started with (Veteran).

After 1650 hours, I’ve been broken by FatShark and made myself a Psyker. I was hoping I could get at least knife and that damned chainsword blessings with other operative.

When I’ve started I was missing 2 4th level blessings on knife, 2 4th level blessings on shovel and 1 4th level blessing on Chainsword. Now I’m at 1830 hour mark and I want to scream in frustration, because I’ve managed to get just two new blessings from that pool.

Melk does not help, there are some days when he doesn’t even have 1 weapon with 4th tier blessing.

It’s annoying, depressing and makes me want to check if I can hate someone to death just by staring.

I’ve secured all Vet range weapons blessings (examples below), but that damned chainsword and shovel just gets away every time…


Autoguns (Infantry):

And don’t get me started on trying to upgrade green weapons to blue, just to hunt for something new. It does work only when you have none of the blessings and any high level will make you happy. When you’re looking for just one - specific one on a weapon that has 10 blessings on each tier is just heart breaking.


I mained revolver over a month. Still don’t have a single revolver that is a 4/4. Have some ok 3/4s, and still don’t have a single t4 blessing on them either.

Bricked easily over 50 of them. Might even be triple digits. I don’t want to keep track.

Too depressing.


I’m starting to think that the devs intention is to frustrate us hard enough so when they will implement a weapon shop with real money the burn out players will dump their money in it.
I hope I’m wrong.


I thought prototype reds were datamined and shown to be available for RMT only.

I can’t find the source on that though since it was so long ago.

So I’ll just say, yeah. I hope they don’t do that.

EDIT: My friends already said if they see red weapons even for 99 cents they will immediately quit, and never touch anything from FS again on principle alone.

I can’t say I’d blame them.

I can say I’d probably join them, but I like the tide games a hell of a lot more than they do.


That or it’s Tzeentchian level ploy to produce real-life Khorne berserkers…
Which is unusuall, because those Ruinous Powers do not cooperate often.

I wasn’t far away from RAGEing evey time I wasted 10k plasteel, but now I’m just tired.


Yeah, I would drop the game and never look back. It’s been fun but there’s a level of developer scumminess I can tolerate and we’re already pretty close to my limit with the cosmetics shop.


I’d have quit if I gave a crap about cosmetics as well. Third hand annoyance from what I’ve seen in other threads is enough for me.

They got my 40$ they won’t ever get more after this fiasco of a year.




Added the thread. Couldn’t agree more.


lol, if they implement the Chinese standard they will likely lose the ability to process transactions based on chargebacks and forced refunds from countries where this would be a violation of consumer protection statutes.

they would also suffer constant DDoS attacks, I’m sure of that.

And it happened again… great.

I feel like writing a limerick:

Melk, Melk,
What a prick…

They think that us being frustrated will end up with us playing even more, thus increasing the chances that we open our wallets and buy stuff from the macrotransaction store.

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This is like my battle with *Shred 3 on Assault Chainswords. It’s basically the only blessing I can roll on the damned things (I believe at this point I’ve gone through 12 or so).

*Edit: It’s Shred, not Wrath. Constant Shred.


next do shovels and uncanny strike…I can’t get passed t3 on them

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I’ve rolled at least 60 t3 haymakers on daggers now.

I feel your pain.

I just want a t4 lacerate. God Emperor, please. Take mercy on your humble servant.


I’ve just mostly stopped playing. Darktide is pretty much at the bottom of the coop games that I play these days. It’s sad, because the missions are by far the best of any coop games I play. I just can’t deal with the bs (I was not allowed to write the full word, but use your imagination). I don’t even bother with the crafting or blessings or anything really. The few times I play, I just take some random weapon I found and run with it. Can’t be arsed with the rest.

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Why fully upgrade? Always stop at Blue if the first Blessing isn’t what you want. Purple if the first blessing is OK and first Perk is exactly what you want.
IF you’re hunting for Blessings to turn in to Hadron, always stop at Blue. Infinitely cheaper to upgrade 28 lvl 300~320 PGs from grey to Blue than 14 lvl 370+ to Orange.


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