10 things that will enhance the vermintide 2 experience for everyone

1- Stop face spawns on twitch mode.

2- Make bots stop aggroing patrols.

3- Twitch mode multiple bosses tag HP bar bug.

4- Fix the issue of some enemies sliding like chaos warriors, maulers and savages.

5- Buff/rework forgotten weapons like (mace and shield , Volley Crossbow etc…).

6- Cataclysm difficulty should be unlocked for everyone. A difficulty shouldn’t be hidden behind a paywall.

7- Fix stormfiend behaviour, it sometimes keeps climbing the terrain out of the reach of the heroes.

8- Some careers need more versatility in playstyle like Ranger veteran(best build is grudge raker and dual hammers) foot knight needs better damage AND utility options(currently mercenary deals more damage while giving more utility to the team), and poor unchained is in horrible state (honestly i think we can write a book about how unchained is weak in her current state, this career needs either a major rework or a good buff with minor rework to some of the non effective talents).

9- Take a look at some talents that are underwhelming like (mercenary’s ready for action, huntsman’s burst of enthusiasm, Ranger’s and BH’s 25% power while out of ammo counter-intuitive talents because these classes are not supposed to run out of ammo, slayer’s barge is underwhelming compared to the other talents on the same row).

10- Fix heroes respawns before/during the barrel event in horn of magnus(if a player died before starting the event he will respawn outside of the event if the rest of the team is near the event without entering it) AND the finale (when heroes die the rest of the team members are forced to continue the finale without the player who died).

There are some good suggestions here. I think your title is way too dramatic. “Experience for everyone” followed by two of the ten being twitch mode changes. Yes please fix twitch mode but I don’ think that’s a change that is a priority for even most players and certainly not “everyone”.

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Beside point 6, we’re waiting for these for almost 2 years now.
Looking at the current progress and the excuse of lack of work due to Seasons, it will take another 2 to have them.
Incoming fanboys will tell you to just wait because everything was promised and don’t forget to pay FS every time they ask you for money.


I’m not sure if you are a troll or not, hard to tell by what ur typing @Palesz

Also to stay on topic, twitch is like vanilla but with more bugs.
I have so many clips of no sound twitch events/insta swinging spawning minotaurs or any boss for that matter.

Yea it can happen by backdodging or moving backwards to fast, but sometimes they do slide even tho you didnt even dodge backwards or moved backwards.

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