1.6 Beta Bugs/Crash/Artwork Bug/Map Teleportation

Just did a game of War Camp.

  1. I can’t seem to turn off gore. I’m not sure if it’s just because the mods I’m using that cancel a lot of effects aren’t working in the beta or what. But I have it turned off in the game settings and I’m seeing blood spray out everywhere.

  2. You only need to light 2 candles on war camp to get the grim now.

  3. Art Work is bugged, it can only be picked up by 1 person in the party.

  4. Game crash on completion, back end error for the host and D/C for me.

  5. No one seems to be able to join our game in progress. This is fixed, I think there just wasn’t enough people in the beta yet for North EU.

  6. Specials seem to be broken again, not that I mind. It was a fun challenge… But we were getting multiple specials at the same time, 2 gutter runners with a hook rat and ratling gunner with a flametrhower moving up with the horde.

Here’s our console logs, this is mine,

console-2019-03-02-13.09.09-5568544d-0f44-4f2e-b85c-43d1ff8c2a1d.log (1011.1 KB)

Here is the hosts log,

console-2019-03-02-13.19.43-2509060e-e0a3-4468-ae74-0999af73e38f.log (433.5 KB)

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Just had a game on Into the Nest.

  1. Entire map is super bright for the entire party. All of us on discord were experiencing the same problem. I’ll post Screen shots.

  2. Art work only seems to be able to be picked up by 1 person? Not sure if it counts for the entire party though. Was that in the patch notes? I don’t recall.

  3. BoP will start instantly reloading when you switch to them if you don’t have them fully reloaded. Not really an issue, I actually like it. Hope it was intended.

Anyway, here’s some screen shots from Into the Nest.

Just got into another War Camp map. Can confirm that you only need to light 2 candles for the grim.

But this time, something weird happened. A player was joining in around the first tome at the start. When he joined, he got teleported all the way to the 1st grim with another player. I assume this has something to do with the change to how people load into games now. Here’s a pic of our chat in game lol

EDIT: I don’t think I worded this properly. When the new player joined in, 3/4 members of the party teleported to the 1st grim all the way from the 1st tome. With only the host being left at the tome.


Here’s my console log.

console-2019-03-02-14.23.18-b41a7dcc-f64c-4ad9-a7b1-28416fd20e98.log (1.4 MB)

All illusions seem to be gone, I was gonna apply the blue one to my longbow instead of the bög one.

Crashed while firing the cannon on Righteous Stand map.

console-2019-03-02-18.52.03-0e04f19e-9bfb-4de9-a01b-cd95e0539f6d.log (192.1 KB)
crash_dump-2019-03-02-16.56.42-c8ba8316-7087-4de3-bb41-5aaa98136585.dmp (542.0 KB)

I’ll second all that.
Edit: But it’s weekend so we’ll have to wait for monday to get some of them fixed, i suppose.

No worries, that’s why it’s a Beta. I’ll keep adding things as I find them, instead of making new threads all the time XD

Also, when ever you crash to Desktop now. When you relaunch the game, all the servers are gone. You have to exit out of steam and relaunch it to find lobbies. It happens every time.

Got a crash on Fort as well. It seems like all switches, or interactive objects cause crashes in the beta.

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