Zealots in Chaos Wastes

This was the 4th time this guy stood next to teammates and let enemies beat on him on a damage share map, so I decided to courteously say something along the lines of, “Hey Brainiac, go off elsewhere if you want to take damage on a damage share map”. Then he blamed me and kicked me.

So… Am I missing something? Is there a protocol when playing with zealots? Am I supposed to run away when a zealot runs up next to me and let them solo the map?

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In an ideal world a zealot player would be smart enough to not intentionally take damage when that curse is active. Sadly we don’t live in an ideal world.


Zealots are notorious for being the most selfish players for a reason unfortunately.

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Chaos Wastes attracts these high strung types where they’ll blame and attack anyone for any reason since they want to win really bad. Especially on a Cata Citadel run for the golden character portrait.

Nope, you just met a clown online. Probably best to move on with your life and not dwell over it. There’s plenty of them out there.


Fortunately across all the games I’ve played, the clowns were a minute minority. A majority of the playerbase isn’t toxic - quite the opposite,- you just encountered someone who forgot it was a coop game.

To stay a bit on topic though, Zealots have a particularyl hard time in the CW, be it due to the healing after every map (minor issue), the random NB or Shallaya’s rejuvenation (mildly annoying), or curses like the commie damage one which forces you to either not play Zealot as you’re used to (imagine playing Zealot safely without trading hits :roll_eyes:) or solo far from your team (in which case why bother playing a coop game ?) ; or the thirst that makes you unable to drink a pot lest you regain your entire HP bar.
I’ve also often seen the honest mistake of picking the “for the next level, THP generation gives green health” boon at a shrine with a Zealot in the team.

I wouldn’t call that an honest mistake. It’s… nonsensical to not pick a miracle that benefits massively three players in the party just out of fear that a zealot may throw a tantrum. All he has to do is swing with his weapon and block with his face anyway.

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Fair… and actually true.

If a mercenary is also on the team, the zealot can just suck it up for a level lol.