Zealot stealth knife is broken on controller

You currently have to press the down button on d-pad to throw the knife when using controller. This makes it near impossible to use, because you naturally take your left thumb off the left controller stick in order to press the d-pad. This means you stop moving! Please make it work like equpping a grenade, so you press down on d-pad to access the knife and then right trigger to throw it. Going to cross-post this on bugs category too.

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It’s the same with K+M, pressing G to throw the knife is unnatural.

As someone suggested, they should have the knife work like Assail and have the character hold it and throw it with the mouse click.


The game is made of weapon selections and weapon activations, the knife is the only weapon that is not selected but automatically activated.

Yeah, when I aim I click, I don’t move my fingers away from the WASD.

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By default, it’s horrible even on the keyboard, had to rebind it.

Really hate that there’s no option for secondary key binding either (other than getting mods).

Fatshark is always against the QoL :grimacing:


I actually disagree. I think some button to equip it is fine but the real power and advantage with the throwing knife is you don’t need to waste time equipping it. That you can throw it mid swing while melee and go back to blocking or attacking.

Throwing knife is amazing for that. If you have to equip it, throw it, then unequip it and go back to your prior melee/range weapon you just totally nerfed it.


I don’t think xbox has m+kb support currently, but I could be wrong. Even if it did, I don’t think that’s a good faith solution to this issue.

I tried rebinding it for the controller on pc, but I couldn’t get it to work? I really hope I’m doing something wrong and it’s possible, because I think that is the only real solution. As mentioned, it’s biggest strength is being able to be used instantly.

I feel for you though, having an instant pinpoint effect on the D pad sounds really really clunky.

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If I had to think of something it would be to get a custom controller that has more button mappings and put the “grenade” button somewhere more comfortable.

Consoles may not have official mouse and keyboard support… But I know people use adapters… And murder the leader boards with it.

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