Zealot no toughness from melee kills

Issue Description:
When I melee (light or heavy or special) kill enemies on Zealot I get no toughness back (not taking damage at the same time, checked). Either the toughness regen on kill is not happening or it is getting delayed and added to coherency regen.

Steps to Reproduce:
No clue, it seems others have not reported it or have used other keywords. Just play any match, take toughness damage, then kill an enemy and watch as your toughness bar doesn’t go up until the coherency delay lapses and that kicks in.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
10/16/2023 10:00pm EDT

Reproduction Rate:
Often (noticed today and it has been every match, may have been longer)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Build I was using at the time in case it is just some combination of talents causing it (no toughness regen on curios so won’t link them).

[PC] Upload Console Log & darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (818 Bytes)
console-2023-10-17-00.11.18-2cc04466-7b96-4d48-adde-a1bdca6ff7e1.log (807.3 KB)

The Zealot bleed stacks aren’t working for me. I recently reworked my build to have some bleed factor on it and I noticed that not much changed. I tested it in the Psykanium and the melee critical hits just aren’t stacking ANY bleed. Not sure what’s up but I’ll leave it here for anyone whom it may concern.

Are you running bleed knife or something? Cause bleed kills do not count as melee kills so do not give you toughness. TBH pretty fair trade for how strong crit DR and bleed is generally at the moment.

Naw evicerator or mk9 heavy, both give no toughness on kill. I know bleed and fire kills don’t give toughness but NO kill gives toughness. Evicerator one-taps a lot of things as does the heavy sword. Now that you mention it maybe if the game thinks bleed was applied it just says “f- you, that was a bleed kill” even if the bleed isn’t what killed it.

Hmmmm that is very odd, I hadn’t noticed it but usually spamming Ult so much with Zealot could have been easy to miss.

Don’t suppose you could record a video to show this? To my knowledge dot kills should only not count if they deliver the killing blow, so sounds like something might be funky.

I can confirm it seems to be just this build I have that has the issue. I have a different thunder hammer build and a chorus build that doesn’t use DOTs at all and both are fine. Both do use the increased toughness from heavy attacks (Vicious Offering) which I know itself is bugged at least based on another report.

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