Zealot losing passive due to being suppressed?

it looks like if zealot is at 2 hp and enemies shoot in his general direction, passive gets procced. could be something else setting it off like enemy aggro. i was able to reproduce it many times on stream. you jus lose all hp on purpose, dont get health back. stay at 2 hp until passive comes back and walk around. you will lose it w/o taking a hit for no reason. here’s some clips.

on a side note, there’s alot of instances where you die as zealot and the passive just doesnt procc. is this something we have to jus accept due to dedicated server lag? the game jus doesnt set off the cheat death passive and you die. i’ll include a clip of that too, it will be the last one

bug again
passive not proccing


Wow this has a huge impact on Zealot gameplay, would be good to look into how or why this happens :cold_face:

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Yeha, noticed this to after seeing it in your streams New

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