Your store killed 40k for me

GW has always been the toy company from hell.

I used to have panic attacks wen checking the GW store over what had been discontinued since my last pay check, I went into debt to get last chance to buy ranges, I ended up in a godamn hospital I was skimping so severely on food.

So the fact you, and your store front I had to set up calendar reminders to bloody check on and babysit, killed it for me, should tell you something.

You played yourself and your license holder out of many many thousands.

I’m not atually mad, I’m somewhat grateful, even if I miss the youtubers, and stories in that space. But the way you’ve handled this game, it’s community and the store is absolutely shocking.

Don’t do it again, rotating stores are bad, but rotating stores to show player shiz they already own is downright insulting, idiotic, and gatekeeping your own whales in utter corporate negligence.

As for the rest of you here, so long.


Fatshark really knocking it out of the park with their amazing store that doesn’t attract customers but drives them away

This is some really revolutionary business acumen.


Bud, just to keep things in perspective. If your post is true and accurate then I really think you need to thank them for pulling you out of a very unhealthy situation.
I thought I was obsessed…


Just buy a 3d printer and print your own models, it’s cheaper that dealing with GW.


Wait, so you would mind the rotating store less if it didn’t have returning stuff ?

as someone with 2 40k armies, this dude needs to send fatshark a thank you card.

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This OP is a great example of why fomo/psychologically manupilative stuff needs to be regulated like gambling. Some people simply can’t handle it, and it’s designed exactly to take advantage of those people and suck them dry.


SW Legion for the win.

Seriously though, if you give me 3D printing, that’s just more stuff I need to collect, not an alternative.

Autism and starting the hobby at 12 will do that for you. or context, Wargames foundry is still selling models from before GW was born., there is zero reason that it has to be like this.

I’m autistic but I lack the collector mind thankfully.

That’s exactly what I did actually, and it had the reverse effect on me, lol.

I thought I was well read and informed into 3d printing, 3 months worth of yt before I made the jump, but damn, you can’t really prepare yourself for the amount of pre- and aftercare that goes into a 3D printer. I started with PLA but have an SLA now.

And of top of that, once you go browse the online STL files, there is just… so much… and trust me, I made my printer go BRRRRR, but my backlog in 3D printing quadrupled compared to my GW pile of shame. So now I only print the occasional request from others, and mostly clutter and terrain pieces for on the bases of my figures.

It’s not just Games Workshop. Even the Black Library hate their customers. I can’t buy the last two Horus Heresy books because they refuse to sell them in my country: Canada.

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Ah I know your pain fellow countryman… “This is not available in your country”


Personnaly it’s the fake money who bother me, the calendar is not a great thing but the fake money is bad practice.

The way to pay on vermintide 2 was fair, you pay directly what they ask and it’s done.

The way to pay on darktide is not, you need to buy a fake currency who hide the true price and can put you in a situation where it will be a hard time to be at clean 0 after a buy if you are not carefull and have some fake money stuck in your account because it’s too low for being able to buy something.

It’s a way to force ppl to put more money that what they intended at first.

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