You can get stuck on the new map

Good evening fellas,

so on the new map blood in the Darkness in curse of drachenfels there is an Edge relatively early in the game where you can jump over to the other side with siennas ultimate (the teleport one) and get stuck on an enemy spawner. then there is an invisible one way wall: you can enter, but you cant leave as opposed to Monsters which can do both. you can still shoot through with your ranged weapon and throw bombs and stuff but you cant leave, neither by crouching nor teleporting back nor by Jumping either.

theres a link to some recorded footage. its there (almost) entirely (a bit in the beginning cut off lul) but the important stuff is from 5:40 to around 9 minutes. after that i just provide some commentary. ok bye

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Great. Here comes another ult rework for BW and Slayer.

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