(Xbox) problem with okri challenge for the grail knight

Dear fatshark devs,

I found little problem on Xbox.

I finished the achievement where you have to complete both missions for the grail knight within 5 seconds. The log said that I unlocked both achievements. The one for the 5 seconds and the one for the 140 seconds.
However, only the 5 second achievement was unlocked. I few missions later, I unlocked the 140 second achievement but it still does not give me access to the armor skin.

Screenshots are available in my one drive under this link.


Thanks in advance


It’s highly possible. That the 140 second okri challenge for the grail knight might simply be broken and does not work properly.

I just tried the 140 second challenge with a different profile and definitely finished both tasks necessary (only 2 tasks were active) within 20 seconds and the challenge was not unlocked.

I managed to get the achievement. Turns out the German translation was just a bit misleading in the context.

The thread can be closed and ignored.

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