Xbox Hotfix CU37

Stability and Localisation

  • Improved localization
  • Fix crash when opening the playerlist while in a deed
  • Fixed crash when player hits a dead actor with a melee weapon
  • Fixed crash when always blocking boon is picked up or gets disabled while new weapon is loading in


  • Into the Nest: Fixed an issue where players could get left behind in Into the Nest when two players pulled the lever at the same time (sometimes resulting in crash at the end of the elevator trip).


  • Fixed minor graphical issues in store rotation


  • Warrior Priestā€™s ā€˜Implacableā€™ should now work as expected.
  • Revives from the Warrior Priestā€™s ā€˜The Cometā€™s Giftā€™ talent now count in the scoreboard.
  • Ironbreakerā€™s ā€˜Gromril Armorā€™ should now refresh on clients.
  • Ironbreakerā€™s ā€˜Vengeanceā€™ talent should now activate when Gromril Armor is triggered.
  • Grail Knight, Outcast Engineer, Sister of the Thorn and Warrior Priest of Sigmar have a chance to do mission briefings when loading into a map.
  • Fixed curse resistance not affecting Twitch mode curses.
  • Corrected rarity for one of the nonruned Chaos Wastes weapons.
  • Fixed an animation in 1h spear and shield.
  • The gamma setting no longer affects text rendering.
  • Fixed a buff when applied to an enemy AI unit.
  • Fixed some items on Lohnerā€™s table.
  • Fixed some visual effects on Chaos Wastes weapons.
  • Fixed a visibility issue on lower settings
  • Chaos Wastes: Corrected rarities of weapon illusions
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When will you add Chinese language on XBOX