[XB1] V1 Broken connections

I want to start by saying how much I enjoy this game and how unfortunate I did not hear about this game upon release.

I’ve been playing this game over the summer and there is still a (albeit small) community that still plays this game.

Apart from what other people have said that could make improvements upon this game (Bot AI, random freezing or crashing, etc). The one prevailing issue is connectivity failures.

The most common occurance is well known and happens right after completing a stage and right before collecting experience and loot.

This coupled with other isolated connection related issues really dampens the enjoyavility and replay value of this game.

Anyone who’s pumped a few hundred hours (especially if they bought DLC) has already explored all the content the game has to offer.

The only thing that keeps strong communities is user friendly gameplay.

I respect and value Fatshark for creating this game but I cant help but notice this issue is prevalent across platforms. From what the community says it happened subsequently after patching. Is there an expense to fixing these issues or having outside consultation to remedy them? Alleviating these issues would only improve the community.

Thank you.

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