Wounds,Medikit, Medicae Station

Wounds in this game seem to be similar to corruption in vermintide 2. But they are not.

So lets talk about wounds, and where they come from.

Wounds are a mechanic in the WH40k tabletop game meant to simulate well the wounds one would take during combat. Every time you get hit you roll, to see if you got a wound. Depending on where its at, and the gravity, you will get a penalty to a stat.

In Darktide, developers did not take it that far, instead they simplified it, here each wound reduces your HP by a percentage depending on how many wounds you have. If you have 2 wounds, and you take 1 wound of damage, your HP will be reduced to 50%. This means that if youre character had a max of 150 HP, then your HP is reduced to 75.

So what does this mean? well that wounds are not extra lives.

The medikit exists to protect your team from gaining wounds. It is meant to be used to keep players HP at 100% so if they do fall, they do not gain max wounds, or enter areas with 10 HP, get downed, picked up and are covered in wounds again.

It is not meant to be saved for that moment, when everyone goes down, and is covered in wounds, and is now useless because everyones HP is at least capped at 50% and no amount of healing, will save them from getting killed in 2 hits.

Medicae Station
If you’ve noticed these are placed across the map, after certain objective phases, or sections have been cleared. They are for clearing wounds, so your team is not running around with -50% Max HP.

If you have arrived at an event area, it is better to drop a medikit, to heal your group up to 100% HP since they have no wounds cuz you all know how to use these properly, and use the medicae at the end, in case anybody got any wounds during the objective.

So now you know, use them the right way, and ensure your teams success.


This is a good summary.

Do I make the barrel explode before or after my teamam use the medkit or is it better to save it for after the medicae station?

Asking for a friend :wink:


I usually make sure to blow them up when the teammate is between the barrel and a ledge. I don’t have to worry about their health at all that way.


lets not forget about healing valkyrie pilots, to make sure team safety arrives home

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The issue with wounds in DT is that curios only ever give you 1 wound and you can hardly justify it by not taking, say, +20% HP because if you get into a situation where you wish you had 1 more wound, imagine in what situation you would be without that +20% HP you sacrificed for that 1 wound.
It’s very situational and kinda useless.
IMO, curios should give you 3 wounds max to justify taking them over HP, Toughness or Stamina.

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