What are Wounds?

Me and a player I texted to in the hub talked about it but i still dont see a definite answer for my brain to fully know the knowledge so can someone put in text for me what +1 wounds mean beyond any just the general idea of people going down, does it affect the growth of the purplebar like curse resistance from vermintide 2? I cant tell for myself yet. (Over 100hrs in) FIX THAT TRASH FORCE SWORD. My god let me use it like the brain burster to streamline the psykers combat a little, it doesnt feel like it should be this way, im watching this man snipe across the map, but his fluvikin sword is a “different” chainsword. Its bad. Fix it. Give it some range at least. Or make it flippkin faster. Sorry it really gets under my skin. Also let me have my dodges back (id stick out an emoji tongue but my phone is not showing the option so instead of the cuter smiley tongue emoji have this that just doesn’t do how i feel justice tongue​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

You see the vertical lines on your health? Those are wounds. One fills up purple every time you go down. More wounds makes it so that less of your health is made purple each time you go down, allowing people to revive you more often. It doesn’t change your health.

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Wounds are how many times you can go down in a mission before dying. They are represented by number of segments of your health bar. Whenever you go down, you lose a segment, meaning you also have reduced max health. Corruption reduces your max health and can make you lose wounds even without being downed.

While lost wounds are corruption, it is not affected by corruption resistance.

Is there nothing deeper into the explanation then that? Dont i take purple dmg on higher difficulties from some hits? Its hard to remember it all in great detail since everything that happens in the lvl 3s are very chaotic for me, scraping out a win ever few games

Some enemies deal corruption damage even through toughness. Pox Hounds, Pox Bursters and Pox Walkers all can do this. Another big source of corruption is grimoires. You lose a chunk of health to corruption immediately and it slowly ticks more. Number of wounds does not affect how much grimoire corruption you get, but grimoire resistance (not corruption resistance) can reduce it.

The reception this game received on launch.


Jokes aside, it’s a system that divides your existing health in chunks, without changing how much overall HP you have.
It allows you to go down more and leads to you also having more downs remaining when Corruption starts eating through your max health.

2 Wounds: ------|------ 300/300 HP
3 Wounds: ----|----|---- 300/300 HP
4 Wounds: —|—|—|— 300/300 HP

So why is this beneficial? Well let’s say you have 150 out of 300 HP remaining. I will remove the chunks that are gone.

2 Wounds: ------| 150/300 HP
3 Wounds: ----|-- 150/300 HP
4 Wounds: —|—| 150/300 HP

As you can see, the persons with more wounds can go down more often and be revived, without dying.

Is there an class individual breakdowns? I was playing the psyker in my last game on a lvl 3 mission where you have to scan things, and i only had 3 health bars at lvl 11 with a curio that gives me +1wounds, im trying to figure out the full impact of wounds on my game since i do play every class

Im about to go to bed since i got work at 4 am but ill be back to check this page later, are pox walkers just the normal enemy types we see everywhere?

Pox walkers are the more green, diseased and horned basic zombies.

Everyone except Ogryn has 4 starting wounds in difficulty 1, 3 wounds in difficulty 2 and 3, and 2 wounds in difficulty 4 and 5. Ogryn has an innate extra wound.

So my curio that add +1 wounds doesn’t have an apparent showing for me there? Or was it not working at all? I only saw 3 health bars on me in a lvl 3 mission with 1 curio at lvl 11 which was +1 wounds and 10% gunner dmg resistance. I play on nearly the lowest setting since my pc is on the weaker side, AMD Ryzen 5 2400G processor, 16 gb DDR4-2666 RAM, and a AMD Radeon RX graphics card

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It’s a good question to get clarification on. - was wondering about the finer details myself so glad you asked.strong text

Wounds basically segment your health bar, meaning you can be downed additional times before a full death.

I just checked and on difficulty 3 you do start with 3 wounds/segments of health as psyker with no +wound curios. Either you’re accidentally playing on difficulty 4 or something’s bugged; if that’s the case you should submit a bug report.

Definitely a bug, i played a lvl 3 mission as a psker witymh a curio that claimed +1 wounds, i dont know if its just a display glit h or if the entire experience in how wounds work is effected, ill experiment more to see where the rules around are

ANY help from the community will help find something concrete for the devs, when I looked at their old bug report system for vermintide 2 I got ideas of what I should be looking for to learn more about how to play darktide

So after more games i havent gotten the curio to break again, still testing

Are you sure you didn’t join a lvl 4 by mistake? You have 1 less wound in difficulties 4 and 5.

Wounds is the number of times your health bar will be subdivided to determine how much corruption you gain when you are revived.

100% positive, I know it was a lvl3 I just need to find out what caused it, maybe a issue within loading at the start of the mission, but for now I can only give an inference