Would more hero lore make the game better or worse?

I was thinking, what if fatshark went into greater details about the history and lore of each individual characters in game. Like for example, when making farm maps like “against the grain”, they can include Kruber’s home as one of the farms. As you pass it, Kruber can say some unique voicelines that help flesh out this character backstory a little more with comments from other others. Things like that.

Do you guys think this would make the game better or would it just be too much of a distraction from the actual game?

V1 had a lorebook and it was fun side thing, more stuff to look for during the levels.

Already done in the first Game, most of the lines from the First could be integrated in to the Second, btw Kruber´s Home/Family was in Ubersreik.

Judging by how people ingame cant even pay attention to T spotted bombs and healing potions, I would say limit it to the keep, otherwise its wasted effort.

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