Won't load and run at all

After spending 8+ hours downloading this massive block of data, and using all my bandwidth for the month (you might put a warning up about these) my copy of Vermintide 2 I won from the drawing in Free Daily Games simply refuses to cooperate. Yes, I have enough computer to run it. I keep getting a message that tells me it is no longer a working version of the game. If it is an expired version, what was the point to the drawing in the first place? Now I’m stuck with little bandwith and a 20+ Gb block of…something…

I’ve tried several times to locate and install the update with no luck at all. I find references to it, but no link. What’s up with that?

I need to know if I have just wasted all my bandwidth for the month on this, or if there is actually a cure for the problem, please.

Tony O’seland

May not be fully patched or something. Can you tell what version you’re on? Does the launcher open?

Edit:Before you install the game it tells you how large the file size download is right? That should be the only message you need to decide/tell how much its going to take from your monthly download limit.

Also, if you’re not on the latest version…there was a ~20gb patch awhile back…1.0.8 I believe it was. Not 100% sure on that.

The launcher doesn’t open all the way, just to the point where it tells me it’s not a valid game. I’m beyond being able to download it again, I’ll have to write it off and delete it if there isn’t a simple way to fix it. NOT a coder or a mod person, just an end user.

Just so we’re clear:
You open game via steam.
Launcher does not fully open?
So you never even see the “play” button on the launcher?

Can you find out what version of the game you’re on…maybe by right clicking on the game in steam and browsing through there. I feel like there is another way to check what version you’re on besides the launcher…

In regards to your original post…the game should auto update through Steam IF you have that particular option selected.
Also see my edit in my first post about a 20gb patch awhile back.
If your game version is in fact before that patch it sounds like you will have to wait until your cap refreshes to download it.

Hopefully, this is a screen shot of the response I get when I try to launch the game. This is what makes me wonder what the heck is going on. I didn’t get the game until after the date posted in the screen shot, so, what the heck? I just simply cannot dump and reload, probably ever again, as it eats too much bandwidth. Suggestions?

Thats the closed beta test from before release dude.
I think you downloaded the wrong game/files.
You should see the normal game listed either above or below that in your Steam library.
The one you’re looking for won’t say “closed test” after it.
It is a completely seperate download.

And again, total download for the game with all patches would be in the neighborhood of ~40gb or so…I believe.

Actually I made the same mistake with the game after release, though it was even worse since closed beta worked back then - it took me half an hour to realize what was wrong.

No idea why it is still available.

YIKES!! 40 Gb? Can it be installed and run from an outside drive? I think I can get access to the Universities connection since I retired from there. If not, oh well…

I dont see why you couldnt use the university’s internet connection to download it.
Edit:unless you mean downloading the files onto a flash drive? Doubt it but dont know for sure…

No, I’ve got a couple of multi Tb drives and a laptop. I was thinking about getting a guest pass and hooking it up so I could download it onto the USB drive, then install it to that drive. I could download it on their dime and bandwidth.

As far as I know Steam allows you to select which drive you would like to install games on.

After that you could just try moving a copy of the game folder to your steam folder and ‘‘downloading it’’ which should finish instantly since all files are present, and if need be do a quick verify integrity from there on. At least that’s how I’ve done it a few times with some other games…

Just make sure the version you have is current and that there haven’t been any recent patches when you do or it might make for a bit of a hassle, and make sure it’s a copy and not a cut-paste job till you’re sure it’s all nice and well c:

Thanks, everyone.

Yes. That is how I transfer/backup my Steam library. Copy the whole “steamapps” folder.

So OP should ve able to install Steam on his laptop, download the game, and then copy it to his Steam apps folder on his main PC. I think.

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