Wonky gas rat behavior

before and during experimental beta patch, gas rats were super chill. they would spawn, walk a little bit, then stop and throw their gas globes. if you damage them but dont kill them, they dance a little bit then run towards you to explode.


since the beta patch went live they been acting super weird. this is how they behaved in todays match on against the grain:

-1st tome location: gas rat hopped over cart and immediately started running towards me and my bots while we were fighting a patrol, he throws the globe while running but the gas globe hit above us completely missing us and then gas rat just disappeared.

-1st grim location: gas rat drops from barn then runs side to side then explodes for no reason. no one hit him. he took zero damage. weird.

-in beginning open area before last tome: gas rat hops over brick wall, runs in opposite direction of my bots and i then vanishes in thin air to never return.

i’ve never seen gas rats just run as soon as they spawn or disappear before but its been super weird. so far its only happened on against the grain. i played empire in flames and screaming bell and they were behaving normally but not on against the grain.

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