Wolf-Father gifts issue: Able to re-claiming already claimed reward

Platform: Windows/Steam


When I visited Lohner’s shop, I was able to claim a reward, which I had already claimed yesterday.

Steps to re-produce

Can’t say for sure. Claim a reward, log out, log in again and re-claim the reward?

Maybe there’s a need to wait for a while.

Expected behaviour

The already claimed reward should be only marked as claimed, and not have the claim button visible and enabled.

What happens instead

I was able to click the claim button under the tick-seal and I got the reward again.

Yet to test if I can get infinite veteran’s chests after the next reward becomes available.


This is a known issue and should be resolved now. The item should be in your inventory still, however.

Good to hear, because then we can move to the next issue. :slight_smile:

When I tried to claim my Veteran’s Coffer on friday, the UI looked like this.

Even though the claim button was on the Slayer Pirate’s Garb, I was awarded with the Veteran’s Coffer (Oh Yeah! /s)

And yesterday when I tried to claim Slayer Pirate’s Garb, the UI looked like the following…

When I hit the claim button, I did get the correct cosmetic.

In other words, it seems that this is only a visual bug.

Should I create a separate thread every time the Wolf-Father’s UI acts up? :thinking:

Hey, this is a known issue. I’ve sent this to the team to look further into and will loop back around when I have an update.

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