Will we get a Trailer for the new content ? Like the Signal update?

And will they show the other weapon before the patch ?

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t techinally “new” content but rather content that wasn’t ready on release. Same goes for crafting and the weapons released after launch.

I’m of the impression that everything that can be found in the penance section was meant to be in the game at release. FS is also on par with that in terms of content, but we’re still missing the “Flash” mission as that hasn’t been part of a “content drop” yet.

The weapons aren’t part of the penances but they did advertise how many weapons that was (supposed to be) in the game at launch.

Edit: This is totally offtopic other than the mention of “new content”.

I don’t think we will because Fatshark isnt sure what they can get into the drop. They’ve already gone from calling it “big” to calling it “small” without verbally acknowledging the change, even if they tried to weasel-word their way out with their response.

I’m not anticipating a trailer.

I mean, how else would I talk about the “new” weapons as you would put it ?

I’m not criticising you, it’s more me being tired of them insinuating that it’s “new” content. I doubt that anyone with knowledge about it will reply though, so not feeling bad for potentially derailing the topic :slight_smile:

What’s to show? Two reskins?

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