Will sanctioned mods ever come to console?

As the title asks, will we ever get mods, especially sanctioned mods, on consoles?
Im on PS4 and am assuming xbone doesnt have mods either.

Old post, but it’s all I could find.

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I also had a look but couldnt find any answer from FS, which might mean there is no plan for it :frowning:

Consoles don’t allow anything onto them without being vetted by their respective manufacturer (this is a good thing in many ways). As such, I don’t think Microsoft wants to take the time to approve every Mod in existence across all games (I know its a pretty onerous process), hence why mods don’t exist on the console, this game included.

I remember awhile back some talk about bringing over “officially approved” mods starting with either Skyrim or Fallout (can’t remember which one was to be the pilot) but tha quickly died away.

There are mods on console, PS4 included. One of the best that comes to mind is Fallout 4. Whatever one might think of the game, the modding on console was impressive, for a console.
You are probably right about how difficult it is to get them on console and its pretty rare that a console game has any kind of modding past some funky cheats. But it can and does happen and I think the Sanctioned mods alone would be a fair stretch, since they already have a process where the mods are checked.

Regardless, I dont really expect it to happen but no harm in asking :slight_smile:

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Thats right, it was Fallout 4. I remember being excited about mods coming to consoles, and that game being the vanguard of it.

Then … nothing.

Not sure what happened. Whether approvals couldn’t be arranged, it took to much labor to approve, and/or there wasn’t much demand for it after launch. Whatever it was, it sadly stopped right after its launch…

You are presumably directly about the fact that it is so hard to get them on reassure and its pretty uncommon that a support game has any sort of modding past some crazy cheats.

Sony is veeeery stringent on updates/mods for games on their platform, one of the biggest reasons why patches are few and far in-between on that console. Unfortunately, I dont see sanctioned mods coming to consoles. Most of them dont even work on PC

This is true.

Bethesda had to fight tooth and nail to get mods approved for Skyrim and Fallout 4 games on Playstation.

I remember because I had a Playstation in 2016 and this was the reason I bought a PC for gaming.

I started using mods over the summer this year and after a few game updates was forced to remove them. It gets really frustrating to have to disable them after every update.

This is the only game I don’t use mods.

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