Will quick swapping ever be fixed?

for all the lacking features and design flaws, I think most darktide players would agree the core gameplay is at least pretty great. but the one thing that keeps me from completely enjoying it is the 50/50 chance that I’ll need to press Q 3 or 4 times to actually swap between melee and ranged.
as someone who enjoys vet the most I’d say there’s nothing more satisfying on t4+ than ulting clearing all the dangerous targets and swapping to melee to clear remaining trash and looking at your full hp bar after it, makes you really feel like you’re pulling your weight. on the other hand getting downed because it just won’t swap feels more frustrating than losing a run right at the end.


What a cool feature, I love it when the dedicated server doesn’t accept client input


not only did the swap not register, but neither did the shove. Just salt on the wound right there.

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inputs in this game are so messed up there’s like a dozen melee weapons where pressing the swap button counts as L1.

A buddy of mine frequently explodes himself as psyker because of this.

He is using BB or his staff, reaches 100% peril and wants to swap to his melee weapon to block/push.
Weapon swap does not happen and instead of blocking with his sword, he charges his BB/staff, overheats and explodes (when ever the class ability is not ready to be wasted).

Aside from the crafting system and bad random teammates, this is his main complaint about the game.


Foul play!

Like an umpire has thrown a yellow flag several seconds after the play. Hilarious. But not, obviously! :smiley:

I never have problems switching my weapon but i dont use quick swap. I use a dedicated hotkey per weapon and it works flawlessly 100% of the time.

I do the same, for some reason people that use the swap key have a more inconsistent experience. But even so it can still happen regardless of your keybinds, like shown in the above video :slight_smile:

Never, Never quick swap, i use numbers to swap weapons and even with that i need to keep spamming 1 or 2 if i want to get my animation done

I actually rebind my Q into making special attacks

hmm rebinding q might be a what I have to do to force myself to use the numbers. it will be annoying at first but, quick swap is getting more unreliable for me as time goes by so … yeah

I personally bound mousewheel up to melee and mousewheel down to ranged so that it would never overscroll. If only Darktide had the ability to bind multiple keys to one thing, huh?


I actually like that idea…
might give it a try later

If only Darktide had the ability to bind multiple keys to one thing, huh?

There’s a mod for that … just saying :wink:

Yeah, there is, but it speaks to Fatshark’s priorities on things when even basic quality of life doesn’t get implemented between their games.

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Weapon swapping is something that’s been brought up multiple times during “Beta”. It was really jarring going from Vermintide 2’s smooth swapping to Darktide’s clunky mechanics. I remember discussing why it was essential that the jank gets addressed. See:

I haven’t played nor touched Darktide since then, however, based on what I’m reading on this thread, the developers haven’t addressed it. A real shame. Since it heavily impacts the flow of action. I reckon the jank was introduced as a means to balance both ranged and melee gameplay. Too bad it doesn’t feel good to actually play.

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The design was that melee weapons swap near instantly (like in VT2) and swapping to ranged weapons have an intended delay both as ‘balance’ and a way of conveying the cumbersomeness of a weapon. It’s why the laspistol/autopistol is still relevant partially because of the QoL in using them as they are switched to as fast as a melee weapon (although not having tandem melee/pistol combinations is another example of missed opportunities). I don’t mind that too much because of the increased emphasis on ranged in DT compared to VT2.

Here it’s because the server side acknowledgement of everything, even weapon swapping, means that when there’s a network or server issue, it’ll just drop your inputs.

Well coming from Vermintide to Darktide I was expecting that smooth swapping freedom that the predecessors had - I know this is a small thing but it’s important to me; because the freedom to swap weapons immediately on the fly without anything impending on that flow facilitated that crisp gameplay in which Vermintide is known and celebrated for.

Don’t want to sound like a prick about this, but Fatshark should have leaned more into the freedom of play that the Vermintide games had. Most of the changes thus far made onto the 'tide formula have been regressions in design.

I think they were between a rock and a hard place where they had to balance some really powerful ranged weapons, and switch speed was one of the factors they chose.

Like there are still ranged weapons that you can switch to smoothly (pistols, shotguns and staves), but I get how switch speed being a balancing factor can be frustrating when you’re used to everything being switched to and from smoothly from VT2. Though even a bolter with it’s 1-second+ switch time can still be used during a melee to pop a special.

But I also do think there is a different flow to DT which is at the end of the day a different game with a different mechanical focus to VT2, since one of the bigger design changes is a greater focus on ranged combat (as jank as it can be).

But again, the issue being discussed here is that the game sometimes simply does not register a weapon swap, as well as a bunch of other things like blocks, pushes, hits, etc. etc.

Aye, a fair point worth acknowledging, and I agree. I just can’t stop but wonder what could have been whenever I dwell on Darktide. Honestly? The whole ranged thing never interested me. It was always the melee combat that engaged me. Vermintide was unique, different, the focus on first person melee was satisfying and enjoyable to me. I can’t speak for no one but myself when I say that all I wanted was Vermintide 3. Not whatever Darktide is trying to be.

I’m vaguely worried if they do V3 it’ll be set in Age of Sigmar. Maybe they’ll be the first game that can represent the new setting properly.