Wildfire not stacking past 4

Wildfire is not behaving as the description reads. Enemies are never reaching more than 4 stacks of Soulblaze
Stand two enemies near eachother.
Apply high amount of soulblaze with purgatus staff to one and kill it.

  • 4 Stacks on main target.

Spawn another enemy and repeat applying high warpfire and killing

  • No further stacks on main target.

From the description it would be expected that the second kill would allow the stack size to increase up to 8, but it never exceeds 4.


Honestly, I did read it the 4 stack max, so it considers first target to have 4 stacks at death max, not real max.

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What the description tells you is:

  • When a target dies, it will spread up to 4 stacks on nearby enemies
  • The stacks on the spread targets cannot exceed the stacks on the dying target

What the description doesn’t tell you is:

  • That spread radius is 5m
  • The stacks have to be 2 or more on the dying enemy in order to spread (another bug report already exists)
  • The stacks on the spread targets cannot exceed 4 in any case

That is, let us have enemy A with 8 stacks and a nearby enemy B with 6 stacks. Enemy A dies. Based on the description, it is expected that enemy B will get 2 stacks and bumped to 8 stacks total. A can spread 4 stacks but the stack count on B cannot exceed 8 so only 2 stacks speed. What happens in reality is nothing because B has more than 4 stacks, even the duration is not refreshed.

No no, up to 4 stacks BETWEEN enemies. It doesn’t say copy, so you should expect 1 stack per enemy, if there’s 4 around victim.

And to me it also tells that anything above 4 stacks isn’t counted towards total stacks victim had, hence it’ll never apply to anything that has equal to or above 4 stacks.

True, should be in description.

Finally something I can agree is a bug per wording on the skill. As the wording implies that even 1 stack would jump on death.

As per my first quote response, it does.

This all is just asking for a buff under guise of bug report.

The description in no way expresses that it maxes out at 4 stacks possible in total and does nothing to enemies already at 4 stacks. The way its worded makes it sound like an enemy dying at 8 stacks should be able to bring another single enemy from 4 to 8, or to bring 4 separate enemies from 4 to 5.


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