Why is the new handmaiden overlay when using stealth not mentioned in the patch notes and why is there no option to turn it off?

Fatshark devs can you add a toggle option to updates like this when you add them? No one genuinely wants more ult overlays adding to the game unless its a choice between turning them on/off in the options or through mods because players want visual clarity and when you cant see important information when using these types of overlays it hurts the experience the game offers, especially to players like me who are stone-deaf and cant hear anything at all but want to play games like vermintide 2.

Also there is no guarantee that players who helped to make incredible quality of life mods like neuter ult effects will update it to include new things like this so can you please address the problem?

I was downvoted on reddit and sent vulgar messages about my disability so im posting here instead.

Hey there.

I apologize this wasn’t communicated in the patch notes.

This was changed so all instances of stealth would be consistent and are communicated via the UI. I’ve brought this to the team, however.


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