Why is my launcher blank when i look at my mods? More info in the thread

For anyone wondering the mods i use are installed and i can see that i am subbed to them in the workshop still.

I was playing fine with no problems on Thursday/Friday/Saturday but today on Sunday after i wanted to install some more modded realm only mods i see this:

Im aware that a steam client update happened while my pc was on for those 3 days so my pc didnt update the steam client until sunday morning which is today when i posted this thread. Did the steam update cause the launcher problems or is it something on fatsharks end? I can see the last recorded launcher update was while my pc was on for those 3 days on the 4th of march.

Im playing on windows 7 and i do not have microsoft edge installed because it causes extreme fps problems and game freezes and when i hover my mouse below all/none i see a loading icon on my mouse pointer but nothing loads.

Can a dev tell me why this has happened? The game isnt playable without mods.

hmm the launcher failed to recognise your mods, had this on many occasions in all sort of different games, devs usual answer would be to resubscribe to all mods, as they can’t influence steam

As above, please unsubscribe and re-subscribe to your mods via the Workshop before anything else.

Thank you for responding to my help request. All of these things i tried didnt work:

Restoring my pc back to when the launcher was working.
Uninstalling and reinstalling vermintide 2.
Verifying vermintide 2 cache.
Changing download region.
Clearing/deleting steam cache.
Unsubscribing and then and resubscribing to the mods i use.

I can see that i am subscribed to the mods because i can see that much from the workshop but when i check the same mods they wont show up in the launcher. I can press “auto-disable unsanctioned mods in the official realm” and “cancel” but i cant press accept.

You could try removing your user_settings.config (and a new one will be created the next time you launch Vermintide 2). However, please be aware it will also remove your keybindings and any other custom configurations.

Your user_settings.config can be located by:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% and select the ‘OK’ button
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2

That slipped my mind but that didnt work too. When i uninstalled the game i also deleted everything relating to vermintide 2 found in %appdata% then i reinstalled so i ended up with a new user_settings.config file anyway.

The part of the launcher with mods that i was having trouble with started working and i could see all my mods but now its started happening again after i changed nothing on my end. That means its on your backend servers or something similar.

Hmmm, I see - I’ll have a chat with our Backend Engineers and will report back to you.

Thank you. I dont understand why it randomly stopped working and then working and now its not working again. Im willing to do anything to fix the problem if it really is on my end but it does not seem that it is.

This is so strange its happened twice now. I changed nothing on my side this time meaning i didnt uninstall/reinstall or try any fixes and its back again but this time around i wasnt away from my pc for 3+ days. This all took place in the last 19-26 hours maybe upto 30 hours? I hope that window helps someone fix the problem?

I assume it will happen again for unknown reasons and come back again for an unknown reasons but i would like it to be fixed obviously. Not being able to edit my mods as i please causes me all kinds of inconveniences.

The same thing has happened again where my launcher is blank. Is there nothing i can do?

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