Why don't boss missions give more exp/loot?

The complete mission section of the Spoils of War ceremony should count for more on boss missions.

ESPECIALLY bubblespit.



Bonus xp should be given to Boss missions, especially Skittergate.

Each random boss spawns should also give a small random xp too, not enough to matter (5-10) and with diminishing returns so players can’t farm it.

finished a champ mission with the stormvermin boss. We had 2 mini-bosses along the way. When we killed the main boss, with one dead and one dying- the dying one went ahead and got killed by a wild stormvermin. R.I.P tome. We finished with 2 grims,2 tomes and no dice. Got a generals only because ranald’s RNG was a bit better than usual. Kinda disappointing considering we started out with 2 bots and had 2 bosses on our path. I wouldn’ mind just getting xp for bosses. Like 25 xp per mini-boss and 75 for lord.

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That would be nice too.

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