Why do the Bots even count?

Hab Dreyko

So you’re playing a mission for no deaths…

Everyone is doing okay, but the Bot just gets trapped/killed right at the end.

Do you go back for a Bot? No.

But thx to them counting the bots you going to do another run…

Especialy dumb, because I’m sure some penances DIDN’T count Bots.

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Found the issue for you.

If you play for no deaths, you try to prevent deaths.
That means you go and save who ever gets downed. Including the bot.

Hab Dreyko …

Yeah & I do that most of the time.

BUT Hab Dreyko.

You do remember the end right?

Hab Dreyko!

Did I mention Hab Dreyko?

If not, just to let you know:

Hab Dreyko

mind explaining how you would prevent a bot’s death from it activating a daemonhost? How about it running into a room full of reaper and gunner fire, do you fully expect to go into the same room without going down yourself?
Think for a bit, it might help.

Don’t think i need to explain these two completely unrelated situations.
Those are not the situation that op complained about, and which i commented on (as being a preventable death).

Maybe you should have thought for a bit, before making this not very smart comment.

That said, i have never seen a bot do either of the things you say here, so i guess these situations can quite easily be prevented from happening in the first place (at least most of the time).

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