Why did you delete the roadmap page EDIT: PAGE IS BACK UP NOW, UPDATING



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Strange it was working a few hours age when I linked to it. Might be because apparently a lot of people are confused about the concept of release windows?

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I hope so tbh I dont mind delays.

They’ve obviously done all that was planned, so they don’t need it anymore.

Btw, here is the old road roadmap. I recommend reading the text instead of looking at the pictures.



Well that’s inspiring to see them just pull the roadmap lmao. I’m going to guess they’ll upload an updated one, but if we never see it again I’m going to laugh so hard.

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I’m suspecting you’re right. Somehow having a bar that bleeds from April into May to show possible release windows was interpreted by many as “guaranteed to come out in April”.

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The fade made it seem like it was going to be coming out in late April or early May, I think people were getting rowdy due to there being no real statement about mod support as the date draws nearer.

To be a tad more serious I think it’s probably either a mistake or a sign that they are not going to be able to release content according to the original road map (in which case I hope they are planning to update it).

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Gotta hide lies and premises.

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Probably reworking it a bit since they heavily shifted focus towards ensuring the game was playable and ironing out bugs for us. I do hope they’ll release a statement on it however as it would mean they’ve adjusted their heading etc.

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I’d love to hear your comments. :wink:

Hey, thats great if they’re putting it out soon, its not in the 1.08 beta though so we know it won’t be until mid may at the earliest.

Gotta love all you swede apologists. It’s been almost three months and multiple issues known SINCE CLOSED BETA are still not addressed.


Dude, that’s a quote form an old roadmap, that FS decided to hide. They made this promise in March or even earlier, yet there is still no modding tools. So guess the probability of getting them or any other promised stuff soon.

I thought you had meant it was from the stream from today or something hahaha, well you know how soon works, its the best way to keep anticipation without making an actual promise

Clearly they were aiming for an April, but the launch window went into May. That’s why the bar bleeds into May - it’s showing that it may be released as late as May. This doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

Sure mate. No matter what devs say and no matter what they do, people like you will always find a way to justify them. :+1:

Just like you declare everyone who disagrees with you as being a shill. Like you usually end up doing in every thread with people who don’t agree with you completely. Either they’re shills or you claim that they are somehow out to get you.

So what is your explanation for why the bar for release of the DLC goes into May? They thought the bar was pretty? They plan to delete it from the game at that date? It couldn’t POSSIBLY be used to indicate a TIME PERIOD OVER WHICH IT MIGHT BE RELEASED, right? I mean, literally the first time I saw the roadmap, it was clear that that was meant to cover the potential launch window. Especially since the bar showing the build-up for game launch stops abruptly on the date the game launched; almost like when they have a precise date, they don’t feel the need to create ambiguity in their graphics.

It’s quite possible that the devs have pushed things back and missed their deadline; but we don’t know yet, because the deadline of April-early May is not over yet. When we get to the tenth or so without word - then we’ll actually know. Or if the devs say “sorry, it’s been pushed back”, we’ll know. That’s kind of how things work in reality.

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fyi they put a roadmap message back up, that they’re reworking it

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