White square on update 1.1.0

Issue Description:
So i started up the game and i noticed that a decently sized white square lit up whenever i left clicked in the game. i closed the game twice to make sure it wasn’t my computer. this started from the moment the game started loading up. Is anyone else having this issue?

Steps to Reproduce:
Simply just left clicking and seeing the left side of the screen you’d see if this would be happening.

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Reproduction Rate:
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I have the same issue. I tried verifying the game’s files to no luck, lmk if you’ve found or gotten help on this cus its super annoying to me

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Yeah will do, I’m glad it’s not just my computer being weird, also sorry about the format I haven’t used the forums b4

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Had same issue and reported it, now I found how to fix it.
Go to “%appdata%\Fatshark\Darktide\user_settings.config
and search for “nv_low_latency_markers
Change it to “false” so it would look like “nv_low_latency_markers = false

Have no clue why it worked, but now I don’t have that white square

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