Where'd the "Strike" mission type go?

I haven’t seen one at all within the last 28 hours. The hell happened?

The mission to feed false data has also disappeared

Also wondering what happened to the other condition we were supposed to get, the other 2 zones as well.

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This one is a big oof for me, as that mission is pretty much the only way to get the Cliffhanger penance for Psyker without wasting everyone’s time waiting next to a ledge for a horde to show up.

There’s an alternative. The mission where you start in the sewers? There’s a ledge before you actually exit the main… crappy looking place at the start. You’ll know you’re in the right place when it looks HUGE and open with a bunch of catwalks in the distance. Just get a couple of friends to herd them to the ledge and it’s an easy drop. Managed to get it done without much issue thanks to my 2 friends and Tankgama the friendly Ogryn.

Tankgama, if you’re out there. Thanks :smiley:

I mean it’s good to know there’s another option, but that still requires “Hey guys, let’s just chill here on this ledge and please don’t kill anything until they’ve all grouped up so I can knock them off.”

The espionage mission at least had a horde naturally occur in the right place at the right time, all you had to do was ask your team not to shoot onto your bridge for 10 seconds.