Where to put all the randomness

I propose, although it realistically wouldn’t be done for awhile,

To take all the rotating stores, and locks, and randomness on weapons and curios, and on maps, and instead of throwing it away, just placing it all in a “chaos wastes” dark tide equivalent mode where you can go through a rogue lite experience during runs and acquire random sets of gear within a session.

Then, you can come up with something better (like deterministic progression) for the “adventure Mode” or vanilla experience.

Or just have a modded realm so we can choose the maps, modifiers, and gear.


behind some major grind. When you have finished 1 000 maps on each difficulty you can enavle RNG mode.

#breakTheLocks #lockUpTheRNG


I propose to put RNG where the sun doesn’t shine. Whatever that is Sweden or Finland, I will leave that to you Fatshark.

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Well I hate to break it to you, but the borthern hemisphere is nothing but sun this time of year. I heard Antarctica is a good place to store RNG for a few months…

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Added to the wa-

Wait a minute! We never foresaw this eventuality…

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