I understand that it's basic design of GaaS to obscure information but

Knowing how the random elements works in terms of what constitute the logic behind them, would help mitigate a little bit the feeling of being exploited like cattle.

Some examples:

  • Random loot at the end of a mission: What is influencing the chance for it to happen? And the rarity? Mission level? Character level? Etc
  • Random generation of items in the in-game shop (armory and the other nerd that sells the higher rarity gear). Same questions.

And so on. I don’t know if I’m the only one here, doubt it considering the most heated threads, but this game design feels simply revolving around wasting the player’s time as much as possible to drive up EnGaGeMeNt or frustrate to lead to the cash shop.

Which is a shitty practice toward customer. I’m not going to dance around it.
If you want to keep it anyway, at least have us informed about the actual factors that influence this random parts of your product so we can take informed decisions about what to do when playing, to influence as much as we can, the outcome.

Thank you

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Fatshark always thought mindless lazy RNG is best type of progression. They never learnt from our feedback from V2 that RNG is not a solution to keep people chasing for new stuff. A crafting system with steep cost to craft anything and customize all properties would be better and everyone would chase what he wants.

But it’s Fatshark, their attitude is always “we know better than what players say they want”, which resulted not only in idiotic changes like dodge blocking stamina or range weapon switch stupid animations lock but also that at some point they implemented community mods from V2 into the game cause everyone wanted to play with BASIC FEATURES. Everybody told them that WoM as seperate module is bad idea, they did it anyway. Everybody told them that RNG lootboxes are bad to get red, they ignored it till finally giving us ability to crafting red likes what… year/two after release?

Generally Fatshark is really stubborn with “our vision how our game should be played” even when hitting reality check wall with what really makes game more fun.

In short: welcome to Fatshark games.